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Kaleerein 11th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Meera confronts Vivan and says she will find out truth and hopes she is proved wrong as she does not want to lose Vivan. She then returns to her room and falls asleep. She then dreams about a masked man hiding a file in locker and fixing painting on wall. She wakes up and thinks she has to go and find out clue. She reaches Paromita’s bungalow and searches for clue. Sh finds same painting in a room and removes it, finds a wall behind, breaks it and finds locker. She tries different combinations to open locker, Vivan’s birth date, her birth date, Amaya’s birth date, etc.., and finally tries her and Vivan’s wedding date and locker opens. She finds Paromita’s diary in it. Masked man enters holding gun. Meera hides. Man slips and falls on ground and finds wall debris, then opens locker and does not find diary. He searches whole room. Meera hides under tables and escapes with diary. Masked man runs behind. Meera runs out of building and at a far secluded place reads Paromita’s diary that how much she loved Vivan and mad behind him. She determines to expose Vivan’s love story in front of everyone.
Next morning, Meera takes Soni Kudi Academy/SKA’s responsibility. Dolly enters and says she forgot to have sweet curd and feeds Meera. A lady enters with her daughter. Daughter says she wants to play kabbadi. Meera reminisces her days. Lady says she wants her step-daughter Tulika to learn to become a perfect bahu at SKA. Daughter insists to attend kabbaddi match. Meera says they will do whatever Tulika likes and asks mother to fill admission form.
In the evening, SKA’s reopening party starts. Meera walks in wearing a beautiful gown. Guests clap for her. Vivan stands mesmerized with her beauty. Meera says she is here to fulfill her MIL’s dream and with a drama artist starts enacting Paromita and Vivan’s love story on Ek Haseena Thi…song… Finally actor shoots Meera and she falls down. Vivan shouts he did not shoot..
Precap: Meera over phone speaks to Vivan as Paromita and asks to meet her where their love story started. Vivan reaches venue and asks who is she. Meera walks down.
Update Credit to: MA

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