Ishq Subhan Allah 15th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Scene 1
Zara is making food in kitchen, Kabir tries to help her but she ignores him, she cant find spoon so he helps her.
Zara and Kabir brings food to Ayesha. Ruksaar is already there, Ruksaar says dont be angry, you wanted me to become daughter in law of this house so I am now, Kabir said he wont divorce me in sharia court so it cant happen now. Ruksaar sees Kabir and Zara there, Ruksaar says Kabir you are not divorcing me so ask her to eat, there is no reason to stop eating. Ayesha says Ruksaar you can take khula(appeal for divorce) from Kabir. Servant says priest is here.
Ayesha and others come to head priest. Priest asks Ayesha to break her fast and eat. He says to Kabir, Ruksaar and Zara that as per islam, one man can have two wives so Ruksaar and Zara should live like

sisters with Kabir as their husband, as Kabir had to marry Ruksaar in helpless condition so Zara will get half of Kabir’s wealth and Ruksaar will get one fourth wealth. Zara says to head priest that I always followed you, I married Kabir on your saying, I even started making my life with him, I made him my life, I even changed my thoughts for him and now this problem happened when we were finally happy. Priest says everything happens for a reason, you people didnt want this to happen but it did so accept it and move on. Zara says I am sorry, I dont agree with you, people can share wealth and property but I cant share my husband, he became my life, my Kabir is my love, my life, my breaths, like we can give our breaths to anyone, I cant give my Kabir to someone else. Prist says dont try to complicate this matter, there is no other solution. Zara says there is a solution, Kabir and Ruksaar cant divorce each other so I will take khula/divorce from Kabir, all are stunned. Zara says I am against divorce so I wont force any girl to take divorce, not even Ruksaar but I am free so I will take divorce, she says to Zeenat that only one divorce will happen. She says to Kabir that I ask for a divorce and you have to give me divorce, you can be fully mine otherwise just divorce me. All family members are stunned. Kabir is hurt. Zara leaves from there. Ruksaar smirks.

Zara is going to her room, she recalls head priest’s words that two wives can stay under one roof, then how she asked for divorce. She runs and falls down in her room.
Head priest says to family that I should leave. Irfan says you forgave kids earlier too, please forgive them now too. Shahbaz tries to stop him and says Zara will say sorry. Head priest says you people saw me getting insulted and didnt say anything. Kabir says I am sorry but I dont think priest was insulted. All are stunned. Kabir sits in priest’s feet and says you are a guide for us, all respect you here from heart, you blessed me and Zara and we fell in love, Zara didnt follow your words because of that love, if you can bless us to fall in love then you can bless us to save our love and relation. Priest says I pray that your love becomes exemplary for everyone, I pray that you and Zara remain together for life, all are elated to hear that. Kabir kisses his hand. Ruksaar angrily leaves from there.
Scene 2
Kabir comes in room and sees Zara offering prayers. He sadly looks at her. Zara doest see him and says God why are you doing this? when I didnt want to marry Kabir and hated him, you made situations that I had to marry him and you slowly made me love him and now when he loves me fully, you have made us go to divorce path, why are you doing this with us? why did you make me love Kabir in first place? You know I cant share Kabir with anyone then why did you bring Ruksaar in his life? I dont have another way but to divorce him as I cant share my Kabir with anyone. She turns and sees Kabir standing there. They sadly look at each other. Kabir touches her face, humdard plays, he wipes her tears and is about to kiss her forehead but she pulls back Kabir turns to leave but she holds his hand and tightly hugs him. Zara says why did you not stop me from asking for divorce? you could have stopped me, why didnt you? Kabir says I am sorry, lets go and say it was a mistake, you were angry, you dont want divorce right? she shakes her head. He kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly… it all turns out to be Zara’s dream, Zara stands up after offering prayer and sees Kabir sitting there. Zara starts packing her clothes. Kabir says how can you even think about divorce, do you want it? you know my life is at stake too, you want divorce from me? just ask me, directly ask me you want divorce. Zara looks away. Kabir says no? then tell everyone that you are taking your khula back. Zara runs from there.
Ayesha says to family that I am scared that Zara has asked for khula and Kabir can give her that to follow his duty. Salma says Zara’s happiness is always tarnished, their divorce ended with much difficulty and they are at that end again.
Kabir asks Zara to listen, Zara doesnt stop and leaves from there. Zara sees Ruksaar comings there and passesby her. Ruksaar stops Kabir and says let her go, you cant stop person who wants to leave, welcome the person who is with you, the Zara who wanted me out of your life is asking you for divorce now, you are a follower of God so you will give her what she wants which is divorce. Kabir says dont tell me about my duty, I should have divorced you when I saved your life and didnt make Zara know about you.
PRECAP- Irfan says to Zara that you might say that you cant share your husband out of sheer love for him but it cant be given as a reason to ask for divorce from him, you need to give a concrete reason. Zara says okay, now this love will become my reason to completely stay away from my husband till I dont find the reason to ask for divorce, I will not have a look at him till then. Kabir is stunned. Ruksaar smirks.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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