Kaleerein 15th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Meera pleads Vivan to forgive her for doubting him. Vivan says he has already forgiven her and just wants to love her. He gets romantic and hugs her when Kusum kumari calls Meera and pleads to save her mother as her mother is getting her married forcefully, she is in temple now. Meera with reaches and warns mother she cannot get SKA student married forcefully. Mother says she does not care, she is getting Kusum Kumari married to a man who helped them till now and even got Kusum kumari admitted to SKA. Meera warns again. Mother says she cannot take care of Kusum hereon. Meera says she will take care of Kusum Kumari from hereon.
Meera with Samar takes her home and tells Dolly that Kusum’s mother wanted to get her married forcefully, so she brought her here. Dolly says she did good and takes them in for breakfast. Prince gets mesmerized seeing Kusum and dreams about her. Tujhe Dekha to ye jaana sanam…song plays in the background. Meera asks Prince to pass on paranthas and scolds him Dolly says she wants to keep matarani’s pooja and coughs. Kusum says she will get water and walks into kitchen and thinks Meera sis a fool to bring her here, she has come here to take revenge from Meera and separate her from Vivan. Dolly hears dogs crying and gets worried.
Dolly calls Gurumaa home for pooja. Gurumaa starts havan and breaks curdled soil says relationship will be smooth like this sang and if this sand changes color, that means a black eye is on this house. Family joins for havan. Pandit chants mantras. Kusum peeps and thinks her black magic will spoil pooja. Meera and Vivan does pheras with Vivan and feels drows. Kusum does black magic and grins. Meera says she is tired and will sleep at night anyways. Vivan murmurs she sleeps early each day. Meera shies and continues pheras, but falls down. Kusum continues black magic. Gurumaa says a big trouble is hovering, nobody should move from their place. Vivan says how can they stay here when Meera’s condition is bad. Gurumaa says more trouble will hover if they move from here.
Precap: Kusum cuts her hair strand, does black magic on it and ties it to Meera’s dupatta to control her.
Update Credit to: MA

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