Ishqbaaz 16th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Dadi stops Shivaye from crossing the line. She tries to open the bottle. He says give it to me, I will open it. He pulls the table and gets the bottle. He opens the bottle lid and keeps it back. He slides the table and says I have removed the cap without crossing the line, you taught us, that its fate to get pain, but bearing it is our wish, don’t bear more pain, apply the oil. Rudra comes and throws away the bottle. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you. Rudra says tell this man that even Amrit touched by him is poison for us. Shivaye says I m your brother. Rudra says you aren’t my brother, but my dad’s murderer. He asks Dadi to come, he will get a new bottle for her. They go. A man says there is a courier for you, please sign to receive.
Shivaye signs and asks whom is this meant for. The

man says its Tej’s insurance papers. Shivaye gets shocked and starts seeing blood. A vase breaks. Anika comes and asks what happened. He says Tej’s blood are on my hands. She says there is nothing. He goes to wash hands and sees Tej’s murder in the mirror. He breaks mirror. Anika comes and says there is nothing on your hands. He says its not coming off.

She says look, tell me. She makes him hold her face and asks is there anything on my face, there is nothing. He says there is nothing and falls back. He says just leave me alone. She leaves. Its morning, Rudra attends call. Om asks about new tender. Rudra says we will know about it in few days. Shivaye comes. Anika asks him to have breakfast. Rudra pulls the chair and sits. Bhavya says Rudra…. He asks what happened. She says nothing, have your breakfast. He asks her to serve it. Priyanka comes and greets everyone. Shivaye looks on. Anika asks him to come. Rudra asks Om when are we appealing in supreme court, I don’t want our dad’s murderer to roam free in our house and eat food for free. Anika says don’t forget Shivaye is your elder brother. Om says we can’t forget that this man killed our dad. Gauri asks what are you saying. Om asks her not to take Anika’s side. Dadi asks them to have food. Rudra says I m not hungry. Shivaye says I should have not come home. He goes.
Om asks manager to send invitations for founders day event. Manager says everything is done. He goes. Rudra says we shall personally invite Agarwals. Om says I m going to invite, who will deliver the speech. Rudra says we will deliver the speech even this year like we are doing since last five years. Om says this year, even he is here. Rudra says I won’t even let his shadow fall near Oberoi industries, if anyone sees him, we will lose the contract, make sure, he is nowhere close. Om says he still has 50% shares. Rudra says I don’t care, I will deliver the speech.
Anika comes to room and looks for Shivaye. Rudra asks Bhavya to make sure that every guest gets a return gift. Anika stops at the line and goes. Rudra says don’t know, what new drama is going on. Bhavya makes excuse of aunt and talks to Anika. Rudra goes. Anika says Shivaye isn’t anywhere. Bhavya says I will look for him. She collides with Rudra. She says aunt lost the necklace, I should look for it, I will get the gifts too, I will deliver necklace to aunt. She goes. Anika says where did Shivaye go. Om asks Gauri to get invitation card for Mr. Agarwal. She gets it. She gets Anika’s call. Anika says don’t know where did Shivaye go. Gauri asks what, there is nothing to worry if you don’t find medicine there, I will find it and get it for you. She says aunt is unwell, she needs the medicines, shall I go to her and come. Om says how can I refuse to you. He stops the car. She thanks him and goes.
Bhavya says Shivaye isn’t here. Gauri says I m near the park, I m finding him here. She sees Shivaye… and says I found him. She goes to Shivaye and calls him out. He says you here. She says I was looking for you. He asks why. She says you didn’t inform Anika and came here, she is worried. He says I told her not to worry, I worry for you all. She says you roam around, do you think we get happy seeing this, are you upset with me, when you were in jail, Om and I got married, I didn’t even visit you, when you returned home, we didn’t welcome you well and hurt your heart. He says I m not annoyed with my family even if they are annoyed with me, I m happy you are with Om, Rudra expresses anger, but Om doesn’t express, I know you are helpless, I m the reason that two sisters aren’t able to meet. Anika comes. Gauri says we are meeting each other in the garden because of you, you have made me happy, thanks. Anika asks why are you running away, I told you not to go without informing me. Om calls Gauri. Anika asks Gauri to go. Gauri says we Obahus kept code words and meet secretly, your brothers don’t know this, don’t tell them. He says I will be able to tell them if they listen to me. She goes. Anika says we shall go home.

Anika gives phone and says how will office staff contact you. Shivaye says I can’t go this. Om says we will destroy Shivaye, I have hired one of the best corporate speech writers for your help.
Update Credit to: Amena

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