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Kaleerein 17th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Tulika disguised as Daadi gives black magic’d apple to Meera saying Guru maaa gave it to her, says she needs greatgrandchildren soon and walks away while Meera stands shy. Tulika then goes to her room and starts black magic shouting that Vivan and Meera will never unite. She shows her real face without specs and long hair. Meera bites fruit. Vivan gets romantic with Meera and says she has to eat some other fruit for baby. Tulika does black magic on fruit and bites it. Meera is about to kiss Vivan when she feels hammering headache and backs off shouting. Vivan says she is acting to send him away and is about to kiss her when she falls down. He worriedly asks what happened to her. She says she is short of breath, doe snot know what is happening. Tulika continues biting apple and says this is just the beginning. Meera collapses again. Vivan and Dolly surround her. Meera wakes up and says she is feeling gripping headache. Vivan says she sat in front of smoke, so she is feeling headache, she will be fine soon.
Tulika goes to her stepmom’s house and apologizes her for misunderstanding her, she could not stop when mom tortured her. She trashes stepmom and reveals she hired lady to act as stepmom. She then looks at Paromita’s garlanded pic and reveals she is her sister and will not calm down till she takes revenge from Vivan and Meera.
Next morning, Vivan and Meera enjoy breakfast with family and Tulika. Inspector comes and says he wants to talk to Meera. Meera speaks to him. He says he checked doctor’s last call record and he spoke to Meera before murder, he also found a knife at murder spot, so he wants to check each family member’s fingerprint. Tulika gets tensed.
Precap: Tulika injures Meera’s neck forcefully while Meera shouts for help.
Update Credit to: MA

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