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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 18th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Salim asking Anarkali not to go, and be with him. She returns to her place. He looks on. Husna says I knew this that he will stop you, so I informed him. Anarkali says you have done wrong. Salim gets angry on Firdaus for coming to his room without permission. He asks why did you come here. She tries to charm him. He says not beauty, just simplicity and purity reach my heart. He thinks to explain Anarkali that she is his friend. Rukaiya threatens Firdaus.
Firdaus says Salim told that a dancer can’t reach his heart. Rukaiya leaves her and says you got saved by this good news. She says a drama happened on Janmashtami 12 years ago, and even now a drama will happen. She makes a plan that will make Salim compelled to misbehave, Akbar will then punish him. Khanam agrees.

looks for Anarkali and comes to Jodha’s room. He turns to go. She asks him not to do anything that upsets Akbar. He says I thought you and Akbar would be upset with me. She says I m not upset, don’t worry, you look handsome. He smiles. He asks shall I help you. She says you want to tell me something, I know everything and understand you when you weren’t able to help. He says Anarkali isn’t helping you, the maids don’t understand you as she understands. She says Rukaiya has sent her for some work. Anarkali greets Rukaiya.

Rukaiya says so Salim has stopped you, its a big day for Jodha, I want you to dance in today’s celebrations. Salim says I shall leave. Jodha says come for puja on time. He agrees and goes. Anarkali says sorry, but I can’t dance. Rukaiya scolds her. She says I can do anything for Jodha, I m asking this for her happiness. Anarkali agrees. Rukaiya thinks your ghungroos will ruin Salim. Akbar gets angry over Salim.
He says I want people to praise Salim, but people are talking about him for wrong reasons, how can Salim lose respect, he should earn respect. Jodha agrees. She says give him some time to learn the palace rules, I want to celebrate janmashtami after 12 years, get ready. He agrees. Rukaiya gets Salim. Jodha says you here in ladies’ function. Rukaiya says he is our Kanha. Jodha says I called him in puja with Akbar. Rukaiya says he is here after 12 years, he should be here. Jodha smiles and asks him to come. Anarkali comes there to dance. Salim gets shocked. Radha bin…plays…. Salim sees the ghungroos and recalls Firdaus. He angrily goes to Anarkali and slaps her. Everyone gets shocked. Anarkali cries. Rukaiya thinks my dream to become queen will be fulfilled when Salim does such mistakes.
Salim goes and confesses love to Anarkali. He says I want to make you my queen. She worries.
Update Credit to: Amena

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