Kaleerein 18th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Inspector takes Meera and her whole fmaily’s fingerprints in doctor’s murder case and asks Tulika to give her fingerprints also. She nervously walks and is about to imprint fingerprints on paper when Meera stops her and tells inspector that Tulika came into her house just a few days ago. Inspector says it is a protocol and suspect can be anyone. Tulika gives fingerprints and thinks let the drama begin. Dolly says today is really bad, they had to see police on festival day.
Meera goes to her room and gets busy in work when Tulika enters and chanting black magical mantras throws black magical gaze on Meera. Meera bends unknowingly and escapes. She hits her foot on table subconsciously and shouts in pain. Tulika rushes to her and helps. Meera asks what is she doing here instead

of getting ready for festival. Tulika says she is not beautiful like Meera, everyone call her Jhalli. Meera says even she was called jhalli and look at her now. Tulika says she has not applied nail polish at all. Meera says she will go to parlor for manicure and pedicure. Tulika say she will do it as she has done course. She cuts Meera’s broken toenail and keeps it aside and filing her other fingers thinks Meera’s bad time will start. After filing nails, she picks broken nail. Meera says she will throw it. Tulika says it is okay, she will throw it in bin and leaves with nail piece.

Meera dries her hair after shower. Vivan walks in and gets romantic. Meera says his stub is like thorns and asks to apply moisturizer at least. He applies moisturizer and rubs his cheek on hers. Labon se…song..plays in the background. Tulika thinks she needs Meera’s bindi to hypnotize and do black magic on her. Meera passes by. Tulika asks her bindi. Mera asks her to take it from her room, Vivan is present in room. Tulika enters room and asks Vivan to give Meera’s bindi. Vivan shows bindi pack. Tulika picks one and thinks tonight, she will hypnotize Meera completely and will destroy her slowly.
Diwali celebrations start. Meera burns crackers. Biji tells still ravan dahan is left. Vivan says she can call it simply burning an effigy. Biji says it is a symbol of burning evil. Tulika is seen staring black magic on Meera’s nail and bindi.
Precap: Tulika holding her sister’s skeleton says her sister used to feed her from her hands, she took her sister’s life from her own hands.
Update Credit to: MA

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