Bepannah 22nd October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Zoya wishes her Abbu happy birthday. He excuses himself. Noor too follows him. Zoya stands there teary eyed. Arjun walks up to his brother. Poor Zoya! Her Dad is already not talking to her and now you too! I know you are upset but you should think about her too. Do it for her sake. Talk to her.
Zoya cries in the washroom. You (Abbu) may get upset with me, you may not accept me as your daughter but you will always remain my Abbu. She recalls touching his feet. Happy Birthday Abbu! Thank you, Aditya. She washes her face and is looking around for tissue when a girl offers her one. Are you alright? Is there some stress? Zoya denies and thanks her. She leaves. It turns out to be the same girl who has been deployed by that mystery woman.
Aditya stops Noor repeatedly. What will your Appi have done


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if she was in your place? What would she have done if you had married some guy you liked? Would she have tried to talk to your Abbu or would she have stopped talking to you? Noor looks at him. He asks her to answer this simple question. Don’t you know your Appi? She has saved you since childhood right? Should she have followed your Abbu’s wish or her heart? Noor begins to say from her Abbu’s perspective but he tells her to answer from her own mind. Both sisters know everything but they do the opposite. I know the answer well. Stop it. How much more will you trouble her? Look at her condition? Noor and Aditya look at Zoya. Have you realised she has no one to even talk to? Noor gets emotional.

The same girl collides intentionally with Aditya ut he does not pay any attention to her. He walks away.
Noor meets her sister and asks her to play Dandiya with her. Zoya smiles through her tears. You are really talking to me? Noor apologizes to her. I don’t know how I dared to get upset with my own Appi! I punished you even when you weren’t at fault. Please forgive me. Aditya Jiju explained it to me just now. Please forgive me. Zoya hugs her overwhelmed. Aditya watches them from far. Noor tells her that Aditya Jiju won my and Ammi’s heart already. Everything will be fine once he wins Abbu’s heart. Zoya is sure it will happen if they are together. My Kohinoor! I missed you. Noor says I missed you too to her. Aditya joins them. Zoya tells him that she will keep pacifying him even if he stays upset with her for forever. She hugs him and repeatedly thanks him for uniting her and her sister. Aditya wipes her tears. He points at Noor. Some people do not just understand words! They all smile. Noor suggests dancing together.
Aditya, Zoya Arjun and Noor dance on Udi Udi Jaaye. Wasim looks on unhappily. Zoya’s phone begins to ring. She excuses herself on the pretext of coughing. Aditya dances with Arjun and Noor. Someone hands over a pair of dandiya to him. He accepts them confused. That same girl starts dancing with Aditya.
Zoya picks her phone. It is the same mystery woman. She makes Zoya look at the girl playing Dandiya with Aditya. She is the problem which is going to cause trouble in your husband’s life. She is just going to accuse him of misbehaving. You will now go there and slap your husband! You have to slap him in front of everyone. Zoya looks at them in shock. Aditya’s expressions are that of bewilderment. Zoya refuses to do anything like that. Are you mad? The mystery woman tells her to hurry up. Your husband is going to be accused just now. The girl makes Aditya hold her from behind and dances around him. The mystery woman disconnects the call.

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The girl suddenly shouts at Aditya for misbehaving with her. How dare you touch me! Everyone stops to look at them. The girl starts calling Aditya names. Aditya asks her what rubbish she is saying. When did I touch you? She replies that guys like him only come to trouble girls. He touched me in front of everyone! She acts to cry. Aditya calls it rubbish. Few guys offer to call police. Arjun vouches for his brother. Did you see it for real? Calm down if you haven’t! Zoya walks up to them. Mystery woman’s words echo in her head. She makes Aditya look at her. The girl smiles. Zoya recalls all the misdeeds happening with her family members lately. She instead slaps the girl shocking her. Aditya looks at her blankly. Zoya asks the girl how she dare frame her husband wrongly! The girl keeps taunting Aditya. Aditya tells her that he hasn’t even looked at her. Ladies begin to retrospect. No one would do so in front of wives. Call police. They will find out the truth. Wasim taunts Roshnaq for cooking up excuses and bringing him here to show all this. She left our house because of this guy! Roshnaq replies that he has made up his mind against Aditya. He might not be at fault but you will never believe him!

The girl blames Zoya. You are a woman yet you don’t believe a woman! People demand Zoya to give explanation but she outright refuses. I am speaking truth whereas she isn’t. She will answer now! She asks Noor to show the video she shot. We will find out the truth then. The girl gets tensed. Noor plays the video. Everyone sees it and realises that it was the girl who was framing Aditya. Zoya asks her if she would like to say something. You are right. A woman is a woman’s enemy! We can see everything clearly in the video. Other women are blamed because of women like you! There are so many women who go through a lot but no one listens to them because of few women like you! You should be ashamed. People ask the girl to apologize. Zoya refuses. I request her not to repeat it ever again. Do not blame anyone falsely. Learn something for yourself and for other women like you! Leave! The girl leaves from there. Wasim asks Roshnaq to come. Roshnaq and Noor follow him.
Aditya looks at Zoya proudly. How were you so sure I wasn’t at fault? She replies that she trusts him more than herself. I dint take the vows just for the sake of it. I trust you more than myself. I may make many mistakes but I know you will never make any! He tells her to stop talking about her mistakes. She asks him if he forgave her. He asks her how to be upset with her. he hugs her tight. She mentally promises to never break his trust.
Precap: Zoya tells the mystery lady that she foiled her plan today. I slapped your pawn instead of my husband. Don’t you think I did something great? The mystery lady tells her to stop. She drops something angrily. Zoya holds the door handle. The mystery lady is right across that door. Before Zoya could barge in, someone comes and breaks the tubelight. She helps the mystery lady escape from there.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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