Bepannah 23rd October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Zoya and Aditya do puja together. Pundit ji notices that the vermilion fell off on Zoya while doing the aarti. You are very lucky. You got blessed by Mata. Aditya smiles at Zoya as she looks at him in confusion. She touches her hairline and realises what just happened. They both walk away holding each other hands. Aditya tells zoya that pundit ji was lying. I am lucky. Ma has blessed me by sending you in my life. She replies that his love has made her life beautiful. You had a right to be upset with me after the mistake that I did yet you brought my family here. You did so much for me and my family! He tells her to drop it now. I might get upset with you and fight with you in future too but don’t leave my side ever. She shakes her head. I will stop breathing before leaving your side. I will be your

shield and stop any problem from reaching you. She mentally vows to not spare the person who is trying to create a rift between them. She excuses herself on the pretext of buying a gift for Abbu. He tells her to go. I will see you at home. They share a hug. Zoya mentally apologizes to him for lying to him. I will find out who is that woman who is trying to break our house!

Zoya recalls her conversation with that mystery woman. She remembers how they saw a metro construction site on their way to the venue. The background noise was similar. She thanks Ma for showing her a ray of hope. Please be with me.
The mystery lady blows conch. She is angry for the way Zoya reacted. I thought she will sit quietly but she is retorting! I think I will have to bring her face to face with truth. She loves to follow her patni dharma. I will see what she will do for her first husband now! She checks something in the laptop. The CCTV footage of the road clearly shows who is responsible for Yash and Pooja’s death. I will see how she will react after knowing the truth. Get ready Zoya!
Aditya and Arjun return home. They tell Harsh about the party accident. Aditya wonders why that girl danced with him intentionally and ended up blaming me. Harsh says she might have recognized you and thought to trap you. She dint realise that you weren’t alone. You had your wife too. Aditya reasons that something is really wrong here. She could have taken me to a corner if she only wanted money. It seems to be very personal of sorts. Harsh says you are very smart. You seem to be thinking too much. Aditya says it seemed too well planned. She came directly to me and then ended up blaming me. He asks Arjun to talk to Noor. I want that recording. Arjun nods. Harsh tells Aditya not to think too much. Where is Zoya? Aditya tells him the same thing. Harsh is impressed with Zoya for going against her family to marry Aditya. She is struggling so much at every step of her life. She should be praised for the kind of faith she showed in you today. Take good care of her. Happy wife means happy life. Aditya agrees. He decides to plan something special for Zoya.
Zoya reaches the construction site when her phone rings. It is the mystery woman. She taunts Zoya for being too strong. Zoya replies that she was very strong since beginning. Now I will test your courage. You have attacked me always. Now it is my chance! She climbs upstairs. Mystery woman tells her to mind her tongue or her loved one might get punished instead. Zoya tells her to stop threatening her. I wont be afraid anymore. She simultaneously leans closer to every door on every floor to hear the woman’s voice. I wont get afraid of any of your plans anymore! Mystery woman calls it trailer. You don’t know what is about to happen. Zoya asks her what she will do. People who attack stealthily can only do small talks. You are a small woman who only plays games like a kid! The lady shouts at her to stop. Zoya hears her voice. She continues to taunt her to instigate her. I slapped the girl you sent to trap Aditya. Don’t you feel I slapped you? The lady tells her to be quiet. I gave you a chance to save yourself but now you will shed tears of blood. You will regret not listening to me. Zoya says the same line for her. I would like to meet you once to end the game that you have started. Come in front of me once! Mystery woman hits something angrily. It falls on the floor with a loud thud. Zoya hears the voice and is now standing right outside the mystery woman’s house. They end the call.
Mystery woman calls someone. I need you badly. Come soon. Zoya is holding the door handle. Mystery woman notices a shadow outside the main door. She peeks in from the keyhole. Zoya moves aside just in time. Mystery woman is still alert. She opens the door a little to peek outside but does not see Zoya. Before Zoya could confront her, someone comes and breaks the tubelight. The hoodie guy helps the mystery lady escape from there.
Zoya comes running downstairs and calls out after the mystery lady to stop. She starts running. Zoya chases her. A car is right behind Zoya. Mystery lady falls down while running and is hurt. Someone pulls Zoya aside. The hoodie guy helps the mystery woman escape from there. Guard asks Zoya what if something had happened to her. She asks him about those people but he is clueless about them. That flat is empty. She demands to know the details but he takes her upstairs. The door is locked from outside. She is sure they must have put it. He opens the door to prove that no one was inside. Everything in the living room is covered with white sheets. She insists she saw someone in this very house. He politely requests her to leave from the building. Zoya wonders how it can happen. I saw it myself.

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Mystery woman is talking to someone on phone. The game was up almost. We will have to plan our next moves now. Make sure no one bothers me for a while. She ends the call. She removes her fake leg and relaxes. She gets call from someone. The guy informs her that Zoya went inside the house but he had fixed everything. She dint see anything. She ends the call. She looks at Zoya and Aditya’s wedding photo. This girl is feminine yet strong. Huda family got a DIL who will give them strength. My work is tough now but it is good. It is fun defeating a stronger enemy. Now I will break her slowly. I was stunned when she was right outside my house! I wont give her any other chance. I will be around her all the time. She tears the wedding photo separating Aditya and Zoya.

Zoya cannot stop thinking about the incident. That person isn’t alone. They want to prove Aditya wrong in front of everyone for some reason or other! They have some connection with Aditya. I will tell Aditya everything right away!
Precap: A guy delivers something at Siddiqui House for Zoya. Mystery lady is happy to know that Zoya left for Siddiqui House. Zoya is in a car. She repeatedly asks the driver to stop the car but in vain. Mystery woman laughs thinking about Zoya’s fate.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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