Bepannah 24th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Zoya comes to her room. Aditya is almost asleep. She apologizes for coming late. He says I was about to message you. You were with your Abbu after all. Tell me everything. You were with your Abbu. I cannot sleep without you. She begins to tell him the truth. I dint go to Abbu. The girl who blamed you in the function was sent by someone. Someone is trying to separate us since we got married. She notices that he has fallen asleep. I will tell him everything tomorrow. She looks at the table. Keeping her phone aside, she makes him lie down properly and kisses him on his forehead. She rests her head on his chest. I will tell you and truth and then we will fix everything. She falls asleep thus.
Wasim is upset with Roshnaq. I doubted you when you invited me for Dandiya. I was only fulfilling my promise.

Who gave you those passes? Noor asks him if he doubts Ammi. She indeed won them from lucky draw. It was a coincidence. You doubt always. She turns and smiles a little at her mother. Wasim says I do not doubt her. I was just concerned. My evening got ruined. Noor seconds him. Roshnaq gives him warm clothes to pack. He thanks her. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have been upset with you. I just felt really angry seeing them there. Roshnaq hopes they don’t have to see a day where he has to apologize to her. Noor asks her Abbu about his flight schedule. She offers to do it but he assures her his agent will do it. I will come back as soon as I am done with the meeting. I will leave at 4. She asks him to shop for her. I will send you a list. You should board the flight at 8. He happily agrees and leaves for the airport.//

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Roshnaq looks at Noor questioningly. What are you up to? Noor shares that she plans to invite Zoya over tomorrow. We will spend time with each other like in past. Roshnaq is pleased with her plan.
Zoya wakes up but does not see Aditya there. She calls out his name but there is no response. She decides to tell Aditya everything.
Aditya and Arjun are talking about the surprise planned for Zoya. Aditya diverts the topic the moment he sees Anjana there. Arjun plays along. Anjana asks Aditya if his wife will sit in the puja today or now. Aditya replies that they wont be there in puja in the evening. Anjana asks them about it. Noor says it is Appi’s Pag Phera ritual today. This is what you call it right? Aditya nods. Roshnaq and Noor enter and greet Huda family. Noor asks Aditya if Appi is taking care of him. Aditya replies that Zoya is in his every thought. You can check with Zoya. Anjana goes to bring tea. Aditya asks them if Wasim liked the gift that Zoya took for him last night. They look at him in puzzlement. Aditya recalls Zoya telling him that she is going to give gift to Abbu.
Aditya looks at Zoya as she is getting ready. She tries to tell him what she couldn’t last night. Aditya shares that her Ammi and sister are here. Maybe your gift dint reach your Abbu and your family also does not know about it. She begins to tell him the truth again but he hugs her out of the blue. She is surprised. Aditya apologizes to Zoya. I am dumb. I couldn’t understand it. It becomes difficult to make your loved ones see your point. I am sure you wouldn’t have felt strong enough to face him. I have an idea. You are going with Ammi and Abbu. Leave the gift with them. Abbu will find it. Noor coughs to distract them. She complains sweetly to Appi that she got this time for themselves and you are spending it with Jiju. Zoya fails in telling anything to Aditya. He tells her not to make his SIL taunt him more. We can talk in the evening. He tells Noor to take care of her Appi. Noor agrees. Aditya sighs.
The mystery lady is talking to someone. She is happy to know that Zoya left for Siddiqui House. She left her husband alone? It will become easier for me if husband and wife will be away from each other. She came to meet me right? I will make sure she comes to meet me. Just keep your eyes on her. She also asks about Wasim’s whereabouts and laughs. Only God will save Zoya now.
Roshnaq gives Zoya the gifts that she received on her wedding. Zoya is reluctant but Roshnaq reasons that they have blessings for her. She gifts a dupatta to Zoya along with a pair of earrings. Zoya keeps glancing at her phone. Roshnaq and Noor observe it. Noor asks her if she is waiting for Aditya’s message. Roshnaq reminds her to take his name with respect. Noor adds Jiju. Roshnaq sends her to bring butterscotch ice cream from outside. We will talk in the meantime. Noor leaves to bring it.
Roshnaq says I might be mistaken but I wont be at peace till I ask you this. Are you happy? Does Aditya take care of you? His family respects you,r ight? I have only seen you upset since you got married. Zoya replies that she is very happy. Aditya looks after me more than I look after myself. Papa has made me his daughter and Arjun calls me sister. I am blessed to have a family like that. Roshnaq asks her why she remains upset. Zoya shares that she has hidden something from Aditya. I will tell him everything today itself. I will tell you also when everything is sorted. Roshnaq explains that her relation with Aditya is most important. The relation of marriage sticks only when husband and wife are completely honest with each other. Promise me you will tell him everything today itself. Zoya agrees. Roshnaq tells her that the house, where the relation between a husband and wife is strong, thrives with happiness and peace. All relations are important but the most important one is between husband and wife. No other relation can survive if that isn’t strong. Strengthen your bond with truth, honesty and love first of all. Doorbell rings. A guy delivers something at Siddiqui House for Zoya saying that Aditya has sent it for her. Roshnaq takes it. Zoya reads the letter. I know you are excited about evening but I am much more eager than you. She checks her dress and smiles. Roshnaq advises her to call Aditya right away and tell him everything. I am sure you will be peaceful then only. I am dying to see you at peace. Zoya tells her to pacify Noor. Roshnaq agrees. I will handle her. You should change.
Zoya comes downstairs wearing the saree sent by Aditya. Roshnaq compliments her. They share a hug. Roshnaq blesses her as she begins to go.
Driver is waiting for her at the door. She asks the driver why Aditya dint come himself to pick her. Driver shares that he was only told to bring her. She calls Aditya but he does not pick up. She drops him a text that she is on the way. Driver takes a turn which Zoya finds wrong. He insists it is right. She recalls the challenge posed by the mystery woman. She repeatedly asks the driver to stop the car but he only keeps accelerating the car. She shouts at him to stop the car and even struggles with the door. The driver smiles.
Precap: Aditya and Zoya spend some romantic time together.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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