Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th October 2018 Episode Written Update

Kunal comes to Nandini with a showpiece displaying a couple dance over music. Nandini accepts the gift. Kunal kneels in front of Nandini. They dance with each other. Kunal kiss her forehead. The lights go off at once. Nandini was tensed, but Kunal tries to calm her down as he is with her. Nandini asks him to go and check. Kunal leaves with a promise that he wants to see her smiling on return. Afterwards, Nandini smiles expressing her love for Kunal when alone. She wipes her tears, opens her arms and cheerfully says I love you Kunal. Soon, her phone bell rings. It was Rajdeep. He says he got to know Nandini is really cunning, she must be shocked to get the news; Mauli is pregnant with Kunal’s child. He accuses Nandini for being shameless, her love story will ruin the life of an innocent.


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Nandini drops the cell phone off her hand. Rajdeep smirks that 5 liter of petrol couldn’t work as this real truth did. Kunal hugs Nandini from behind and explains the fuse was off. He brought Nandini cake to make this moment memorable. He notices Nandini was tensed, Rajdeep’s words echoed in Nandini’s mind. Kunal asks Nandini what happened in last five minutes. Kunal asks if Nandini is worried about the accident. He assures it would never happen again, he won’t let her hurt. He hugs Nandini but Nandini keeps her hand down and doesn’t hug back.
At home, Mauli was eating food. She recalls what Kunal had said to her. She keeps the spoon back. Mamma requests Mauli to eat a little, her baby at least needs feed. She tries to inquire Mauli where Kunal took her and how she got the bruise? Mauli excuses herself as she is tired and will speak about it later.
In the kitchen, Nandini stood lost while the milk boiled. A shadow of herself appears questioning what if Rajdeep is telling the right about Mauli’s child, what if Mauli hadn’t yet got a chance to share the news with Kunal, afterall Kunal was busy with Nandini? How will Nandini live with the curse of an innocent life? Kunal comes there and finds Nandini distressed.
Mauli cried in her bed thinking about Kunal’s love for Nandini. She gets a text message and was shocked to see it.

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Kunal wakes up in the morning and finds a note on bed from Nandini. She wrote that she is going to temple, will be back soon. Kunal smiles and thinks he has been blessed to have Nandini.
In the temple, Nandini watch Mauli ring the bell. Mauli brings the aarti thaal to Pandit ji, and silently prays there. She comes to Nandini and asks if there is something else Nandini needs from God? She got everything, freedom, love… why she called her here? Nandini says she wants to ask her something? Is she really pregnant? Mauli looks astonished.

PRECAP: Mauli tells Mamma and Dida that Nandini called her to temple. Mamma wonders if Kunal also knows about it? Kunal stood at the door and says he now knows.
Update Credit to: Sona

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