Bepannah Spoiler: Zoya Deeply Troubled; Will she Reveal Everything to Aditya?


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Aditya finds Zoya troubled. He doesn’t know why she left him shockingly. He gets worried and wants to know what is she hiding. He shares his tensions with Arjun. Zoya is blackmailed by the lady. Aditya feels Zoya is bothered by something. Arjun asks Aditya to give some time to Zoya. Aditya is sure that Zoya loves him a lot. He gets into a dilemma over Zoya’s feelings. He feels he isn’t Zoya’s first love and maybe she wants to get away from him. He feels shattered thinking Zoya still thinks of her first love Yash. He wants to be loved by Zoya. He knows Zoya has accepted him by her heart. He feels like heartbroken thinking of the times when Zoya got away from him.

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He has no idea that someone is compelling Zoya to get distant from him. He wonders if its hard for Zoya to love him. Their relation gets spoiling because of the blackmailer. Aditya learns about Zoya’s whereabouts and rushes to find her. Meanwhile, Zoya gets threatened about Wasim and Aditya’s lives. She worries for Wasim, who is kidnapped. She also wants to save her husband at any cost.

Bepannaah twists

Moreover, The lady attempts to shock Zoya with the divorce papers. Zoya gets compelled to leave from Aditya’s life. Zoya refuses to divorce Aditya. Zoya decides to share the problem with Aditya. Zoya refuses to the lady and asks her to return Wasim to her. Zoya puts herself in danger in order to get Wasim back. Zoya and Aditya get together in fighting their new enemy. They pretend to be unhappy and upset with each other, and yet stay together. They stay away from everyone’s sight and spend beautiful moments on the Karwachauth ceremony. Zoya hatches a plan to pretend like a puppet and then strike back at the blackmailer. Will she succeed? Keep reading.

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