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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 26th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Anarkali crying and thinking of Salim. Salim says I want to celebrate my failure. Anarkali comes to Jodha and greets. Jodha holds her. Anarkali feels pain. Jodha says what’s the matter, why are you so worried, tell me. Anarkali says no, I did a crime and got punished. Jodha says I want to know the reason of this crime, you went to dangerous Bhool bhulaiya and then to throne, you can’t do these mistakes, you are troubled by something, tell me. Anarkali says forgive me, I won’t do such mistake again, give me leave for some days, even I don’t know what’s happening, I will tell you when I understand. Jodha says I will wait for your answer, you are like my daughter, I worry for you. Jodha sends her. Mahabat asks what do you want. Salim says I m going for hunting

today, I will celebrate, call Firdaus and Anarkali for dance, you will be with me, remember this, everything should be great, it can be night of my defeat. Mahabat nods and goes.

Salim summons Anarkali. He says you will do what Firdaus asks you. Anarkali agrees. Firdaus calls her. Firdaus asks her to tie her ghungroos. Anarkali does so. Firdaus dances for Salim. He sits drinking and thinks of Anarkali’s words. He asks Firdaus to leave. She asks didn’t you like the dance. He shouts leave. Everyone leaves. He asks Anarkali to stop. He sends Mahabat as well. He drops alcohol around and sees Anarkali. He signs her and asks her to her another alcohol bottle. He holds her and asks does she not love him. She looks in his hands and says I can tolerate any insult, any torture and misbehavior, but she can never become his queen. He angrily breaks the mirror. He ruins the things around. He asks do you love me. She says no. He breaks bottles on his hand and asks do you worship me, do you want to support me forever. She says no. He pushes her away. She gets leaving. He shouts if you don’t accept my love, then watch me dying. He drops the fire lamps. The place catches fire. She gets shocked. She says you will get burnt. He says I m already burnt in your love, if you don’t accept my love, I will burn to ashes.
Anarkali asks him what is he doing, the country has right on his life. He says I want to give this right on you, I want to declare my love in front of the world, its not a sin, I didn’t just fall for you, I love you. Ammijaan prays. Maid says Salim went to celebrate, the place caught fire, he is trapped. Ammijaan rushes. Salim gives the ring and says I promise, even death can’t make us apart once you accept my love. Anarkali says don’t be stubborn, come with me. He says its passion, you have become my passion.
Anarkali accepts Salim’s love. Honton pe mere….plays… Anarkali and Salim romance. Ammijaan disapproves their love.
Update Credit to: Amena

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