Silsila SBD: Yamini Meets Nandini; Gives Karwachauth Sargi to Her


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Meanwhile, Yamini meets Nandini at her house and gives her Karwachauth Sargi. She tells Nandini that this Sargi actually belongs to Mauli. She scolds Nandini for coming between Kunal and Mauli. She tells her that if Kunal is leaving Mauli, its just because of her. She gets enraged by Nandini’s silence. She says Kunal knows about Mauli’s pregnancy now, and even then he wants to leave Mauli. She feels her son is so shameless that he is hurting Mauli even now. She asks Nandini to leave from Kunal’s life, if she wants the child to get a father. Nandini waits for Kunal for her Karwachauth.

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Yamini tells Nandini that she doesn’t deserve motherhood. She feels Kunal has turned blind in Nandini’s love. She tells Nandini that she won’t let Kunal divorce Mauli. Yamini warns her against ruining Mauli’s life. She wants Kunal to know his responsibility. Nandini shatters and gets emotional. She promises Yamini that she will leave Kunal. She also wants to unite Kunal and Mauli.

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