Bepannah 29th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Rajvir apologizes to Zoya. I dint know Aditya was here. Zoya rushes to Aditya and begins to explain but Rajvir says it is ok. We cannot execute the plan as we wanted to. Let it be. Aditya stands facing Rajvir. You wee the one who called me here right? Rajvir agrees. I am done with the drama which is why I was asking Zoya to end this drama. Stop adding poison or ruining Muh Dikhayi ritual. She demands to know where her Abbu is. He tells her to stop her drama. Aditya has found out everything. She insists that he has Abbu. Rajvir repeats his words and begins to go towards her when Rajvir holds his hand. Stay away from Zoya or you wont be able to move. He turns to Zoya. Please explain everything to me. She tells him everything from the beginning. A woman is working with him. She has been threatening us. They

want to separate us and break our family. Aditya asks her to show the messages but she relates that she left it in the taxi. Rajvir claps for her. Aditya dials Zoya’s number. The line is busy. Zoya says I told you they have kidnapped Abbu. He calls Wasim who picks the call startling Zoya.

Zoya asks her Abbu if he is fine. Wasim requests her not to call hi again. You don’t have to call to know who is fine or not. You don’t have to do it anymore. He ends the call. Zoya tells Aditya she isn’t lying. They told me that you are responsible for Yash and Pooja’s accident. I would have told you everything long ago if I knew Rajvir is behind all this! Aditya holds Rajvir by his collar. You have made a lot of mess in the past already but not anymore! Rajvir frees himself. Do you know about Zoya? She was going to marry someone else but she suddenly marries you. She dint love you at all but then suddenly said I love you to you! Think about it. Aditya replies that she loves him. Rajvir tells him not to take love word too seriously. Why doesn’t she let you come closer if she loves you so much? Aditya thinks of the incidents. Rajvir says it is true that both of you fought with the world to be together. Did Zoya fulfil any of the wedding vows? You will have to listen to me against your wish. I only send her to your house to take revenge! She came to your house to collect proof. Zoya tries to counter him but Aditya looks determined. Which proof? Rajvir says proof to show your family’s involvement in Pooja and Yash’s murder. Aditya threatens to kill him for his lie. Rajvir advises him to check the papers in Zoya’s hands. He reaches out for the envelope. Zoya begins to explain that she was forced to sign on these papers or they would have killed Abbu. They had kidnapped him. He reminds her that her Abbu is at home. You could have called once at home to check. She says I panicked. I love you very much Aditya. Don’t trust him. I am not lying. He reads the papers and goes quiet. Zoya tells Aditya not to listen to them. I love you very much. Aditya walks away without saying anything. Rajvir smirks.
Arjun is worried for Zoya. He decides to call police. Harsh enters in his room just then and Arjun ends the call. Arjun lies that he was calling Noor but Harsh checks his phone. Why are you calling PCR? Arjun shares that Zoya and Bhai are in trouble. He told me to call police in case they aren’t back in an hour. It is time. Harsh shouts at him to tell everything in detail. Arjun tells him. Harsh is about to call the Commissioner when they hear Aditya call out to him. They rush downstairs.
Rajvir asks Zoya how she is feeling after losing everything. You left her home, lost your Abbu and now you lost the guy for whom you left everyone and everything behind! You are at one of the stages of my life. Hooda’s have written it with their own hands. She tells him to stop using fake stories as his life story. You are here because of your misdeeds. He says the same for her. You married in the family that killed your husband! You ended up befriending your enemy by mistake. Enemy’s friend is friend after all. You did the right thing right? She raises her hand to slap him when the mystery woman holds her hand. Now God only can help you! Zoya realises who she is. Mystery woman calls her a pawn. Pawn does not raise a hand on their minister. Zoya tells them to play as many games as much they want to. No one can create a rift between Aditya and me as our relation is based on trust. Aditya and I trust each other very much. Mystery woman mocks her for her innocence. People don’t trust cheaters. Aditya is cheating you! He married you to hide the truth and is still cheating you. We are trying to save you but you aren’t interested! Zoya is sure Aditya isn’t involved in this. I wont fall in your trap anymore!

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Harsh is shocked to know about Rajvir. Anjana says I knew this girl wasn’t worth trusting. She married Aditya to take revenge. I couldn’t believe how a girl can be so over free. She told me that she will keep you away from you before her wedding but then ended up marrying you only! Aditya says Rajvir is saying that someone from this family is involved in Yash and Pooja’s murders. I want to bring out his lie in front of everyone! I want to see his reaction when he is exposed! Anjana’s face has turned pale.

Zoya tells them that their bad intentions wont win this time. Mystery woman says we aren’t wrong this time. Someone from the Hooda House has killed Pooja and Yash. We know who it is. Zoya is sure it cannot be Aditya. Mystery woman accepts it. He knows the truth and is trying t hide it! You can go to Hooda house and find out yourself if you don’t trust us! Zoya runs.
Aditya asks Arjun to call police. Harsh stops them. Aditya says we cannot trust Rajvir. He is too dangerous. I wont let him trouble us this time. Arjun asks about Zoya. Aditya replies that he is only thinking about his family right now. He begins to call police but Anjana snatches the phone out of his hands. She runs away. Aditya requests Harsh not to tell Police. Aditya tells his father to make her understand but Harsh supports her.
Anjana comes there with a container filled with kerosene. I cannot hurt my family. They struggle to free her as she begins to pour kerosene oil over herself. What are you doing? Anjana tells him to let her die. I am the reason why Yash and Pooja are no more. They died because of me. She breaks down. Epi ends on Aditya’s shocked face.
Precap: Anjana says sorry to Zoya. I know it was a very big mistake. I was very much upset over how Pooja cheated Aditya. I couldn’t take it anymore which is why I did this to them! You can tell me your decision. I will accept it. Zoya says I wont decide for what you did and why. My question is with Aditya now. Why did you hide such a big truth from me? Now you can do what you think is right and I will do what I believe is right.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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