Bepannah 30th October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Aditya is in disbelief. Ma cannot do this! She cannot kill anyone. Ma cannot kill anyone! She cannot do this. Anjana says I dint murder them. It was an accident. I saw Pooja with another man. I got angry and followed her. I dint want you to know the truth. You broke down completely after knowing about your father. I dint want you to break again! I found out about Pooja’s affair. I just dint want to hurt you. Harsh helps her stand. Anjana tells Aditya to listen to her. I begged her to come back to you and stay with you but they had decided to get married. Aditya recalls the divorce papers. I felt like tying Pooja and bringing her back or burn the papers. I found out that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child. I couldn’t bear it anymore! No one could do that to you. I still tried a lot by threatening

her or explaining to her. I tried every possible way. I used to punish for whatever was happening to you. I followed her that day as I knew that she planned to divorce you next morning. I was only thinking about my son and his well being. You are my son. I can do anything for my son. Aditya looks at her. Anjana says I dint want you to know all of this as you would have been then reminded of what Harsh did and that would have broken you again. I only wanted peace and happiness for you but I ruined everything! She cries. You found out about Pooja. I was afraid of it and it just happened! I am not lying. I dint wish to kill them. It was an accident. I only planned to bring her back home somehow. Don’t know how the accident happened that night. It was so foggy. I just couldn’t see properly. Remember what you had said to me when your Pa had left us. You asked me why I let Pa go so easily. If you were in my place then you would have fought with Pa. I couldn’t fight for myself though but I fought this time for you. I fought for my son. I know I committed a very big mistake. I am a culprit of my motherly love. If it is a crime to fight for your family and save them then I am a culprit. I don’t want to go to jail as our family will be insulted then. I cannot disrespect my family. It will be better if I die! She picks up the kerosene container again but Aditya throws it away. Zoya enters just then. She stops at the door to listen to them.

Aditya tells Anjana she wont go anywhere. You will stay with us. You are protective and you have always done the duty of mother. I will fulfil my dharma now. No one will find out about this ever! I promise no one will know! He hugs her. Tears stream down Zoya’s cheeks. Aditya wipes her tears.
Nothing will happen. Calm down. Harsh notices Zoya there.

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Rajvir watches the Ravan burn. Mystery woman gives him kheer. We have dug the first nail in our enemy’s house. Now you have to destroy the Ravan named Hooda family. You have to destroy them completely. Did you change your mind? Rajvir denies. I don’t trust Zoya anymore. Don’t forget that she is still the DIL of that house. Mystery woman calls her stubborn. She made a mockery of herself in the court too. She wanted to prove that their relation was pious. She likes showing she has a big heart. This is her niceness and weakness too. We have to make use of that only. Rajvir says Zoya might not be of help to us but I really want to burn Hooda family down just like this Ravan! Mystery woman assures him that now no one can save Hooda family. We wont have to put in any efforts now. Zoya will do everything that we want her to! We have done everything after thinking through. We have our eyes on Hooda House already. We will move aside Zoya if she tries to act smart. He nods. Doorbell rings. Rajvir goes to check.

Harsh walks up to Zoya. I know what’s going on in your mind. Understand why Anjana did all that before making any opinion in your mind. Arjun also adds that Mom dint do it intentionally. It was an accident. Zoya says it is true that it was an accident but two people died in the accident. Aditya was blamed for that! Our lives got entangled because of that accident! I am shocked that all of you are trying to hide it! Aditya says it isn’t what you are thinking. She asks him to tell her then. Should I think it to be a mishap rather than accident? Should I understand the circumstances? He nods. She asks him if he let her explain why she was doing what she was doing. He insists that Ma did everything to protect him from the pain that Pooja and Yash gave to them. Zoya clears that they were cheating us. Two lovers cheated us without caring for anyone! You hid such a big truth even after knowing it? We promised not to hide anything from each other. We promised to be honest with our every relation. He reminds her that she couldn’t be honest herself. Let’s drop this and sit and talk. She says you dint listen to me once. You just walked away. You ignored all my pleas to hear you and now expect me to listen to you quietly?
Anjana says sorry to Zoya. I know it was a very big mistake. I was very much upset over how Pooja cheated Aditya. I couldn’t take it anymore which is why it just happened! Zoya says I wont decide for what you did and why. My question is from Aditya now. Why did you hide such a big truth from me? I thought I could be able to walk on the path of love and honesty with you. Now you can do what you think is right and I will do what I believe is right. She goes.
Harsh says if Zoya goes to police station then it will be a very big problem.
Precap: Aditya has packed a bag and is taking Anjana with him. Zoya comes with police. This is what I expected from these people. Aditya insists it was an accident. She tells him to let court decide. Inspector points out that Anjana must come to police station with them.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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