Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st October 2018 Episode Written Update


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Mauli watch a car approach a young child on the road and runs to save him. She falls on the floor along with the child. Kunal was in the balcony and was concerned but find Mauli fine. Dida’s cautions about holding weight echo in his mind, he wonders why Mauli didn’t feel any discomfort.
Mauli comes home where everyone was dancing. He walks to Mauli concerned if she is fine, he says he just saw her slip while saving a child. Mauli says the child could have hurt. Kunal mentions that Mauli should have been hurt because she is pregnant as well. Mauli asks if Kunal is suspicious. Mamma takes Mauli for little dancing.
Nandini stood in front of the mirror, eyes filled with tears. She watch her henna filled hands with Kunal’s name written in it. She daydreams about Kunal draping

her in red chunri, but soon realizes Kunal wasn’t there. The next day, Kunal comes to meet Dr. Aasha; Mauli’s doctor. He asks about Mauli’s test reports. Dr. Aasha says Mauli took the reports herself and was as well reluctant to give the reports. Dr. Aasha says she shifted the reports to her other clinic.
Mauli was standing for Pooja and wonders where did Kunal go. The flame on her platter goes off. Sweety claims it to be a bad omen but Mamma assures nothing happened, Mauli must light the flame again and continue her Pooja.
Nandini sat in front of her temple corner for Pooja.
There, Mamma tells Mauli whatever happened was accidental, she must move on and continue the Pooja. She lights the flame for Mauli who was still confused. Mauli thinks the winds have changed, and it beholds the consequences of a storm.
Kunal had forgotten the car keys in Aasha’s office. Aasha was recording a message for Mauli that Kunal came here and is dubious, Mauli must share the truth with him as soon as possible. Kunal hears this.
Later in the evening, Mauli prays in the balcony for moon. Dida was dialing Kunal’s number but all efforts in vain. Kunal comes inside. Dida cheerfully announce that he is back home. Kunal angrily walks to the balcony. Mauli breaks into tears and thinks she was worried for no reason, Kunal is back home. She turns towards Kunal and does the Karwachauth aarti. Kunal stood there silently fuming, then stops Mauli’s hand in midair. He drags her inside and wanted some answers. Mamma insists on Kunal to let her break her fast first. Kunal questions Mauli what’s most important for husband and wife Dida was angry over Kunal. Mauli replies, love and trust. Kunal swears her on the trust, opens the message of Dr. Aasha on her phone and asks what she wants to hide Kunal asks Mauli if she wants to start over this relation based on a lie. He place Mauli’s hand over his head and asks her to accept she is truly pregnant. Mauli withdraws her hand off Kunal. She accepts lying about her pregnancy and says she isn’t pregnant. Kunal shouts at Mauli that its because of this baby that he broke his relation with Nandini. He could never think she would fall to such limits. He brings divorce papers to Mauli and ends their relation, leaving the house. Mauli drops the thaal.

PRECAP Nandini was about to break her fast and looks through the sieve. Kunal comes in between. Nandini backs up and tells Kunal to go to Mauli. Kunal tells Nandini that Mauli isn’t pregnant.
Update Credit to: Sona

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