Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st November 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Preeti asking Naina and Sameer to come, and says we are not in the desert, if anyone sees. She sings a song. Sameer and Naina smile and sit in car. Sameer starts driving. Vishaka worriedly asks Mami to call Pandit. Pandit picks the call. Vishaka says Sameer didn’t come till now. Pandit calls her bhabhi. Vishaka says she is Vishaka. Pandit asks why she kept her name of Sameer’s mum. Vishaka says she is Sameer’s mum. Pandit says he went to drop Naina, panics and pretends as if he can’t hear the voice. He ends the call. Mami asks Poonam to go and sleep, says she shall think about her baby. She tells Vishaka that if they scold Sameer then she may not like it, and that’s why they don’t scold him. Mama tries to stop her.
Sameer drops Naina and Preeti.

Naina sees his wound and says it is very dangerous to get hurt with iron. She asks him to get injection by the doctor. She asks him to show his hand. Preeti brings first aid box and asks her to bandage his hand. Naina asks him to get down from the car. Sameer says where you are taking me. Naina takes him to PCO and makes him sit down, while Preeti stands outside. Sameer says why you made me sit here. Naina says so that nobody hears your voice when you shout. She shows dettol and asks him to keep finger on mouth. He keeps his finger on her mouth. Naina says on your mouth. He keeps finger on his mouth. Bahut pyaar karte hai plays….He looks at her smilingly. They come out. She gets tears in her eyes. Sameer gives his handkerchief. Naina gives kiss on the handkerchief. Preeti smiles and turns her face. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was her first kiss, and says I don’t know how much strength I got, I gave that handkerchief to Sameer and she was the witness of our first kiss. Sameer takes the handkerchief and waves her bye. Sameer kisses on the handkerchief. Naina turns and looks at him. She smiles. Sameer’s voiceover tells that the handkerchief destiny became good and that’s why he got Naina’s kiss on it. He says even today I have kept it safely. They come home.

Preeti tells Naina that they shall sleep. Naina says I will brush my teeth, change clothes and then sleep. Preeti sleeps on bed and finds someone sleeping already. She thinks Pooja came, but gets shocked seeing Juhi and shouts. Juhi introduces herself as Tai ji’s niece. Naina asks her if she went to America being an airhostess. Juhi says she will answer them later and sleeps. Preeti and Naina get happy thinking they are sharing room with air hostess.
Sameer comes home and sees Vishaka. He gets happy and hugs her. He asks when did you come? He says I used to miss you daily and says today was very special. He tells that Kumar Sanu came today for dandiya in college. Vishaka asks why he came late? Sameer says I dropped Pandit and then Munna. Vishaka recalls Munna’s words and asks if his house is far. Sameer says yes. He says I want to talk to you now itself. Vishaka says we will talk in the morning and asks him to sleep. Sameer says now itself and hugs her. She asks him to go and sleep. Sameer’s voiceover tells that if a girl is standing under the balcony, then it is signal for the guy and if a girl gives kiss on handkerchief then it is seven vows. He says I thought Naina and my relation got blessing from Mummy and the handkerchief was like ghatbandhan for me. Mami tells Vishaka that she caught Sameer’s lie many times. Mama says but Sameer is good at heart.
Next morning, Bela asks Naina and Preeti to do breakfast. They say they will do on the way. Bela asks them to sit. Tai ji comes and asks Bela to think about their inlaws pics. She tells that a girl is caught with her boyfriend on his bike. She asks them to change her clothes and wear Salwar Kameez. Juhi comes there and says she came in the night. Tai ji praises her values and says she is wearing saree. Juhi says this is my uniform. Preeti asks Tai ji to bless her to become pilot. Tai ji gets angry and says your ears shall be pulled down. Juhi says she is going to airport. Neha and preeti tell that they will come with them. Bela asks her to have pakoda. She says she don’t eat oily stuff in the morning being an airhostess. Naina and Preeti tell that they eat it. Tai ji asks them to keep it down.
Karthik’s father comes to Principal’s office and tells that Dada ji couldn’t come as he had an appointment with a doctor. He says you shall be ashamed to do this. He asks him to say sorry to Naina. Principal says I didn’t call her here as Karthik tried to malign her respect, but because she is GS of VJN and says if he don’t get punished then others will do the same. Mr. Dholakia asks Naina to decide about Karthik’s punishment. Karthik says what are you saying? Mr. Dholakia asks her to say. Naina’s voiceover says she was feeling like camel came under the mountain.
Sameer and Naina look at each other while the song kal college band hojayega tum apne ghar ko…..He gives her rose. She makes him have icecream and they ride on his bike.
Update Credit to: H Hasan

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