Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 2nd November 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Mahabat saying Salim isn’t there. Salim kisses Anarkali. Akbar comes that way in the market. Anarkali runs away. Salim helps a man. He comes to Akbar. He says sorry, I was other side. Akbar says we caught the robbers. Salim says sorry, I was away at that time. Akbar says its fine, come. Ammijaan says its time we should announce Salim’s coronation. Maulvi gives her an auspicious time. She smiles. Anarkali thinks of Salim and smiles. She comes to Khala. Khala shows her the jewellery. Anarkali asks what’s this, whose marriage is happening. Khala says yours, your marriage will happen within 3 days, I m informing you, I got a nice alliance for you and accepted it. Anarkali says I won’t marry. Khala says your marriage happen at any cost. Anarkali says no, why are you

adamant, you love me a lot, you won’t get me married this way, I don’t want to marry, give me some time to think. Khala goes. Anarkali cries and says Khala asked for my wife, when I m of Salim now.

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Akbar tells everyone that he is watching his coming future. He says its time that Salim gets crowned as the king. Salim and everyone get shocked. Jodha smiles. Akbar says we have got an auspicious day and time for this good thing. Mahabat says congrats. Salim smiles. Akbar asks Abul Fazal to manage all arrangements. Rukaiya thinks this sword has fallen on my head today. Khanam says its a coincidence. Rukaiya says no, Ammijaan/ Hameeda Begum made Akbar do this, Salim and Anarkali’s love story isn’t a big thing, Daniyal is also a maid’s son. Khanam says Salim and Anarkali are still away. Rukaiya says then I should kill Salim, its about the throne now tonight. Anarkali thinks of Khala’s words. Husna says Salim is getting crowed as king, I m very happy. Anarkali washes clothes. She cries and tells Husna about her marriage. Husna worries and asks didn’t you try to explain her. Anarkali says I tried best, don’t know what is going on in her mind, so I m avoiding her, I tried a lot that I don’t love Salim, maids don’t have right to dream. Husna asks her not to worry, if love is true, there will be some way. Abul fazal gets the crown and instructs the guards to protect it at night. He goes. Someone looks on.

Anarkali is sad. Salim comes there in disguise. She asks what are you doing here. He says I want to complete our love story. She asks him to please go. They hide when someone comes. He smiles. She asks him to go. He says I hear my heart, you care for the world, I want to come close and you want to go away. She says just go for my sake. He says its punishment for me if you go away, I have promised you, else I don’t do anything by hiding, be it war or love. She says I wanted to meet you but…. I will meet you tomorrow, I will come in your celebrations. He says you won’t come there. She says you want to keep me away. He says when I will be crowned, you will be there as maid, its an insult of my love, you promise me you won’t come. She promises that she won’t come. He says you have to fulfill a love ritual, then I shall go. She asks him to go. He asks for a kiss. She kisses on his cheek. He says I will go now. He leaves. She prays that Lord shows her some way.
Anarkali tells Mahabat that the crown has poison. Salim’s coronation starts.
Update Credit to: Amena

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