Bepannah 6th November 2018 Episode Written Update


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Aditya tells Zoya about Sanjana. She tells him to fulfil his dreams with her. She leaves followed by Aditya.
Wasim gives gifts to Noor and Roshnaq. I got a Diwali party invite and decided to dress up like Mumbaikars. Let’s go in the party in evening. We will make new friends. Roshnaq asks him if there is some other reason too. Wasim tells her to drop it. She says Zoya used to buy new clothes on every occasion. You used to act like a kid with her. Do you remember? Wasim says I don’t miss her but seems like you miss her very much. Burn these clothes if you don’t want to go to the party or wear these clothes. You can mourn Zoya as much as you want. I don’t care! He heads inside. Noor calls out after him but in vain. Roshnaq murmurs that she knows that Wasim may not accept it but the truth

is that he is missing Zoya. If that is true then it means that there is still hope.

Victor gives coffee to Zoya. Anjana asks Victor about Aditya who comes there just then. I went to buy clothes as I have to meet Sanjana. Anjana is impressed hearing it. I am sure she will like you and the clothes. I hope she comes to our house asap. Zoya looks at them. Anjana asks her what she is looking at. You have caused enough harm already. Now leave the house asap so my son can live peacefully. Harsh tells her to stay calm sometimes too. He takes her with him.
Zoya looks at Aditya who looks away. She chases him. Who is Sanjana? He replies that it is the girl who will kiss me. Saying so, he too goes. Zoya looks on.
Noor is getting ready. She takes out the bracelet given to her by Arjun and is teary eyed.
Arjun gets ready and thinks of when he and Noor had celebrated Diwali together. He asks her where her smile disappeared. She shares that she was sad thinking till when they will celebrate Diwali together. He promises to spend every Diwali with her after today. We will always be together. She hugs him happily. Flashback ends. Arjun thinks I thought we will come closer but you went away from me for forever. I am sorry that I couldn’t fulfil my promise of enjoying every Diwali with you.
Aditya thinks to make Zoya jealous. Where is she? It is a great chance to make her jealous. Zoya steps out of the room just then. Aditya watches her mesmerised. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays. He asks her who she wants to kill. She moves her hair aside for a moment and then moves them aside in one swift motion. Her hairs brush against his face. Did you say anything? He repeats his question. She says I just got ready a little thinking to research a little. Shall we go? She walks past him with a big smile on her face. Aditya keeps looking at her hypnotized. She moves her hair aside once again to show her back before heading inside her room. Anjana keeps calling out after him and he gets distracted.
Aditya reaches the venue with his family. He is smiling to himself thinking about what happened with Zoya a while ago. Anjana pats at the car door asking him to come. Let’s go inside now. Aditya realises that everyone is here except Zoya. I wont find a better chance than this. He falls down. His parents and Arjun rush to help him. His clothes are spoiled. Harsh tells him to head home asap, change and come. He nods happily.
Mystery woman comes to Hooda House and calls Victor. Come out asap. I have come to make your work easy. Victor tells her that Anjana has become very strict. I cannot come outside. I would lose my job this way. Mystery woman asks her who all are there in the party. He replies that everyone except Zoya have gone to the party. He ends the call. Mystery woman decides to finish this task herself. I don’t need Victor for this.
Anjana meets her friend. Arjun is standing all alone. He notices Noor in the party. She too looks at him. She lifts her hand to move her hair aside and her bracelet is shown. She walks past Arjun without saying anything. Anjana’s friends take Hooda’s to meet Wasim and Roshnaq. He is their new associate. She takes their leave telling Hooda’s and Siddiqui’s to talk to each other.
Anjana says we would have skipped the party if we knew you would be here. Wasim says I wouldn’t have befriended them if we knew they are your friends. Harsh suggests behaving nicely to each other now that they are here. Wasim advises him to tell that to Anjana. She warns him to mind his tongue but he refuses to be interested in talking to her. Roshnaq reminds him that they are Zoya’s in-laws. He isn’t bothered. I have only one daughter. Find Noor. He walks away. Roshnaq apologizes to them and goes to look for Noor.

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A girl asks Noor if she made any boyfriend in Mumbai or not. Noor looks at Arjun. Not till now but I am waiting for someone special. A guy walks up to her. Your wait is over then. He extends his hand towards her. I am Vicky.

Zoya is working in the living room when the windows open on their own. She closes them. The one for whom I dressed up so much went to see someone else.
Mystery woman takes out the extra key from the hiding point. Zoya heads to her room. Mystery woman opens the main door using the key.
Aditya parks his car outside just then. He smiles looking at the bouquet and wine bottle in his hands.
Mystery woman looks at the house. Aditya heads towards the main door. Zoya is working on her laptop in her room. Aditya is confused seeing the main door open but does not pay heed to it. He keeps the bottle and bouquet on table and heads to his room. He switches off the lights. Zya looks around puzzled.
Precap: Aditya and Zoya are cutely chasing each other when they see the mystery woman standing there. They stop in their tracks. She asks them why they suddenly stopped. Kiss her now.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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