Bepannah 7th November 2018 Episode Written Update


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Zoya comes out of her room using her phone’s torch and asks if someone is there. She notices the main door open and wonders how it opened. She closes it. Someone is surely inside the house.
The guy asks Noor if she likes watching films. Noor excuses herself feeling uncomfortable. The guy keeps looking at her and talking about her with his friend. His friend calls her perfect for time pass. They approach Noor again. Noor tries to go but they don’t let her go. We are going upstairs. Sanjana is there. It is time to burn crackers. She politely refuses but they keep on insisting her to come. Arjun cannot take it anymore and intervenes. She said she isn’t feeling like. Don’t force her. They ask him who he is. Noor says he is no one. I will come with you. She goes with those guys. Arjun tells

her not to go with them. I want to talk to you. She tells him she does not want to talk to him. Stop interfering in my matters. We aren’t together. You can find your way and I will find mine. She turns to go but he holds her hand. Why are you wearing this bracelet if this is true? Harsh calls out to Arjun. He is distracted. Noor walks way in the meantime.

Zoya comes to her room holding a glass. She notices a shadow in the bathroom and is approaching it when lights come on suddenly. She is surprised to see her room all decorated. She turns and notices Aditya standing there bare chest. Zoya stands there speechless. She looks away as he starts getting ready but is unable to take her eyes off him. He asks her why she is looking like that. She replies that she thought it was a thief. I got scared. He inches closer to her and holds her by her waist. Even I have no good intention. He picks his shirt from the sofa while leaning close to her. I came to take shirt as the one I was wearing messed up. How could I meet Sanjana otherwise? Zoya compliments him. Sanjana will be happy. She turns to go but he pins her to the wall.
Mystery woman switches on her phone’s torch and starts looking around. She finds the bottle and bouquet on the table. Thief wont bring a bottle of champagne.
The guys bring Noor to an empty room. She says you said we are going to terrace. They tell her to sit and wait in the room for a while. She sits down. Second guy closes the door from inside.
Aditya and Zoya share a long eye lock. He lifts her chin to make her look at him. You still don’t know who I came here for? She shakes her head avoiding his gaze. I don’t care. He whispers in her ears. It should matter as I want my kiss. She tells him to kiss anyone else then. I don’t care. He asks her if it really does not matter to her. He kisses on her hair while talking. I will kiss you then. She smiles as he leans closer. She ducks and runs away.
Mystery woman heads upstairs.
Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays as Aditya and Zoya cutely start chasing each other. On the other hand, the mystery woman is checking every room one by one. Aditya catches Zoya and holds her. She pushes him away again before he can kiss her. They continue their game of chasing each other. Mystery woman continues searching everywhere. Aditya and Zoya stop in their tracks suddenly.
Arjun asks the girl if she saw Noor and those guys there. The girl replies that it is a random party. Some people will be walking by randomly. Arjun looks at her in disbelief.
Noor is puzzled as the door has been locked from inside. The guys give stupid excuses. Noor realises they don’t seem to have good intentions. The guys stare at her from top to toe. Noor asks them when others will come. My parents must be waiting. I will come in a while. The guys show their true colours and block her way. She threatens to shout but they don’t care as there is too much noise already. No one knows you here except us. She begs them to let her go but in vain. One of the guys throws her dupatta away. Noor pushes them and runs towards the window. Arjun is passing by. She bangs at the window. Arjun spots her and runs towards the room. The guys throw Noor on the bed and lean over her. Arjun breaks open the door and glares at those guys.

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Mystery woman looks at Aditya and Zoya. She asks Aditya why he stopped. Kiss her now. Zoya asks her what she is doing here. Mystery woman repeats her question and laughs. The weather is amazing. I thought to enjoy it. I came here and saw that your picture is on. I thought to watch it too. Aditya notices the champagne bottle in her hand. Zoya says you could have told me before coming. Mystery woman says I wouldn’t have seen this if I had told you. You are so lucky and happy. They realise that mystery woman is inebriated. Mystery woman keeps mumbling and smiling to herself. Zoya tries to hold her as she stumbles but she does not let her. She falls on Zoya. Zoya asks her if she is drunk. Mystery woman nods. How will I live without drinking? Aditya says how you will go home if you are so drunk. He turns the bottle upside down. It is empty. Mystery woman says I drink to ease out my pain. What else do you have in drinks? Zoya takes Aditya’s name and mystery woman turns to him. You have something to drink? Ask him to bring it Zoya. She passes out. Zoya says what she is doing here. They see something on her hand. She came to keep a tab on us. Aditya wonders how she came inside. Zoya says how she knew I am alone at home. They realise that some insider is with her. She will tell Rajvir everything if she remembers any of it.
Precap: Aditya tells Zoya he cannot understand anything. The surname is same but what do they want. Aditya comes in front of Rajvir’s car in disguise and gets hit intentionally. He later enjoys drinks with the mystery woman. She passes out and he goes inside the room to look for some clue.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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