Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Samarth saying its good you didn’t lose soon, I like the ones who keep trying, because I have also reached here by trying hard. He goes. Kartik bursts the balloon. Samarth stops and gets tensed. He thinks they both are very smart, they won’t let my work happen easily. Akhilesh comes and asks Kartik why are you bursting the balloons, its time for the party to begin, the kids can come any time. Naira says we will get beautiful balloons. Akhilesh says I m scared that I will end up ruining the birthday party. Kartik says we will blow more balloons, trust us. Akhilesh goes. Samarth smiles and says people have to pay if they act smart, the ones whose luck favors wins, decorate the stage of Goenkas destruction.
Kirti asks Naksh not to spoil his mood, they

have to go in Lav and Kush’s birthday. He says you are afraid that I will scold Kartik. She says but he didn’t know it, Naira kept fast by her wish, sorry you think this, but I m more worried for you, that you may end up spoiling your relations. She goes. He says I don’t care, but I will clarify things with Kartik today. Dadi packs a gift. The gift opens. She gets shocked seeing the red toy car inside. She drops the box and recalls someone’s words. She cries. Manish comes there. He asks what happened. She asks who got this here, I have brought something else for kids. He says calm down, sit, what happened. She says I didn’t bring it here, why has Samarth come here, I want answers here.

He says maybe Kartik, Naira or Suwarna got this here, they don’t even know about it. Samarth looks on. He says yes, Kartik and Naira don’t know anything, so they are trying to stop me, but they can’t stop me, I will make everyone suffer like I have lived all these years. He goes whistling.

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Kartik asks servant to inform him if he finds any strangers. Naira says there is no outsiders in guest list. Kartik says what’s Samarth’s plan. They see a young girl coming. He asks whose guest are you. The girl says its Sharma’s house right. Naira says no, that’s the neighbor. The girl says sorry and goes. Samarth comes clapping. He says you thought I will use some girl to trap Manish, you both have such a cheap mindset, you should at least think of my standard, I hate Manish a lot, I will have to get him framed for something serious, use your brains and think, my hatred has reached its peak, I only have to vent it out. Kartik says this overconfidence isn’t bad. Samarth says it wasn’t good what happened with me 20 years old, Manish’s arrest in front of many people, gosh…. He goes. Naira asks what has he done, Lord help us. She gets some note. Kartik says maybe someone dropped me. She says its very sticky, as if something is applied on it. He asks her to go and wash hands.

Kartik greets Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. Naksh and Kirti come next. Kartik hugs Kirti and asks are you fine. Kirti nods. Naksh looks angry. Naira goes to wash hands. She sees some ink on her hands. She says what’s this. She says did I get it from that note. She recalls Samarth and says I m sure there is something in those balloons. She runs to tell Kartik. Naksh asks why did you get Naira here if you can’t take care of her, she fainted yesterday. Kartik gets shocked. Naira meets Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. Naksh says I can’t believe this that you didn’t know about Naira’s fast, it means you didn’t pay attention.
Kartik says enough now, I understand your concern, you can say whatever you want, but I won’t tolerate this thinking, you won’t interfere in between Naira and me, she is my wife, don’t compel me to ask me to choose one relation. Naksh asks how dare you threaten me. Kartik says I m warning you. Suwarna asks them to stop it and sees Naira. Naira takes Kartik aside. Suwarna asks Naksh can we sit and talk. Naira tells everything and says yes, it can be powder or invisible ink. Kartik asks are you sure. She says yes. He asks where would he hide these notes. They see the balloons and run. They see the big balloons. Lav and Kush run to them. They introduce their friends. Naira greets the girls.
Akhilesh says they never introduced their friends to us. Surekha says we have decided that we will just keep smiling for their sake. Kartik asks Naira to think something. Suwarna says you are also like Kartik and Naira for me, I can understand your concern, I went through the same phase, you have seen the result of my obsession, don’t do this, this will create problems in Naira’s life. Naksh says no, I m just angry that… She says you have no idea about them, you didn’t ask Naira about the fast, you should be angry on Naira, it was more of her mistake, even Kartik was much upset with her, then they patched up, I have told you the truth, you can decide what’s right and what’s wrong. She goes. Kartik and Naira dance in Meri wali ding dang….Samarth says police would be coming any time. Kartik worries and sees Manish.

Kartik sees police coming and asks Manish to come with him. Inspector says wait Mr. Goenka, we have come to arrest you. Manish gets shocked.
Update Credit to: Amena

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