Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th November 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Vishaka asking Naina to sit. Naina gets nervous. Sameer gives her water. Naina drinks full glass. Sameer asks shall I give more? Naina finishes it too. Sameer asks shall I give more? Naina forwards the glass. Vishaka asks are you fine? Naina says ji mummy. She drinks more water and tells that she is a bit nervous. Vishaka asks her to relax. She asks Sameer to get cold drinks and sweets. Naina gets up and says she will bring. Vishaka says how did you know that kitchen is on that side? Naina says she thought. Vishaka says I will bring and goes. Naina tells Sameer that she will go and asks him to see her hands, says it is shaking. Sameer asks her to relax. Vishaka brings cold drink and sweets. Naina finishes it too. Vishaka signs Sameer to go out. He didn’t understand.

Vishaka asks him to go out for sometime. Sameer says I will sit here. Vishaka says it is bad manners to hear two ladies talking. Sameer asks her not to ask difficult questions. Vishaka says it will be known after result comes. Sameer looks at Naina and goes. Naina gets more nervous. Her voiceover tells that her condition was like that a small rabbit was thrown infront of a tiger, then I thought this is the only chance and I shall answer to all her questions without any worries.

Juhi comes to Arjun and asks about others. Arjun tells that they have went out. He turns his face as his shirt button is broken. Juhi says she will stitch it. Arjun’s hand starts shaking. Juhi asks are you alright and asks why you are shaking. Arjun says nothing. She says she needs to go to society function.
Vishaka tells Naina that they have made much food today and asks her not to worry, she will not eat it. She tells that there is a difference between love and attraction and asks what happened to you? Naina says love and he also loves me. Vishaka asks how much you know him? Naina says his nature is good, and he understands others well. Vishaka says his anger? Naina says I know, he fights on small issues, but right things. Vishaka says do you think that he is more good looking than you and have high status than you, and asks do you think if any beautiful girl comes in his life, you would have thought about this. Naina says I believe myself and Sameer. Vishaka says I like your confidence. Naina says I love Sameer from my heart. She says if I had loved him from my mind, then might have thought about all this, but I love him from my heart. Vishaka says do you know that he wants to become Baba. Naina says she wanted to break her relation from Sameer as she couldn’t go against her family. Vishaka is shocked and recalls Sameer’s words that he can’t live without her. Naina asks are you thinking something. Vishaka says I feel that my son will be lost. She says Sameer said that you were after you to become his friend and says if he had refused you then….
Naina says this can’t happen, as I trust myself, whatever I decide will fulfill. Vishaka says what if he had refused you. Naina says she don’t like failures and says she would have tried until she succeed. Vishaka recalls Sameer telling that he doesn’t want to try when he knows the result is failure. Vishaka asks if your family refused for the alliance then…Naina says Chacha ji is my friend, mentor etc and says he is very happy with our relation. Vishaka asks who told your Chacha? Naina says I….She says Chacha ji got an idea about us, when he asked me, I told him everything. Vishaka says strange, you didn’t feel scared to tell him. Naina says I would have scared if I had done anything wrong. Vishaka says your Chacha ji didn’t say anything, although knowing that it is impossible to have relation between Maheshwari and Agarwals. Naina says he knows and says he saw our love and not this difference. Vishaka says you shall go home and do puja. Naina says yes, and touches her feet. Vishaka says its ok and calls Sameer. Sameer says I will drop you. Naina says no. She says she will go and tells Vishaka that she was scared when she came, but felt good meeting her. She touches her feet and leaves.
Taya ji tells Tai ji that she shall not lower Naina and Preeti and praise Juhi infront of Bela. Tai ji says she praise Juhi so that Bela don’t taunt me uselessly. Anand comes to bela and says if you look so much beautiful then the mirror will break. Bela says you looks so loving to me. He says you didn’t ask what did I bring for you. Bela says this sindoor is my gift and says you had brought tape recorder for us. Anand says it is for everyone and gives her walkman. She gets happy and says she wants Naina and Preeti to get husband like him. He says CA. She says no, loving husband like you. Taya ji and Tai ji do puja with Pralay and others. Naina and Preeti sit behind them. Sameer and his family do puja at his house. Sameer is tensed. Naina says even today, I remember that Diwali and I was thinking if Sameer’s mummy liked me or not? Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was thinking of their exam result. Naina’s voiceover tells that even today it is not less than a exam when you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents.
Sameer comes to the room. Vishaka comes and asks why didn’t you have sweets. Sameer says you didn’t tell if you likes her or not. He says she pretends to be mature, but she is jhalli. Naina says she is not Jhalli and says I am your mum and can’t take wrong decisions. She says after meeting her, I felt she is not right for you. Sameer is shocked.
Naina calls Sameer and asks if she passed or failed. Sameer looks on tensed.
Update Credit to: H Hasan

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