Bepannah 13th November 2018 Episode Written Update


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Anjana lights a diya. Aditya saves it from blowing off. He says I love you to her. You have always supported me and I am always with you. Don’t worry ever. They wish each other Happy Diwali. She thinks the ambiance is good as Zoya isn’t here. He has left his phone there itself. Zoya calls on his number but Anjana disconnects it. She puts the phone on silent. It vibrates again but Anjana switches off the phone instead. There should be peace in the house atleast today!
Rajvir and Nani come to Hooda House. He stops in his tracks. Nani asks him what he is thinking. He asks her if they are doing the right thing. She wants to make everyone shed as much tears as her daughter has. That only will give peace to my daughter! He understands that they will be met with a decision now! They head inside.

ji asks Harsh and Anjana to let the elder son start the aarti. Aditya is about to hold the diya when the lights go off. Victor goes to check what happened. A video and audio is played on the projector. Kalpana and Harsh’s story is played on the projector. As per this story, Anjana snatches Harsh from Kalpana with her father’s help. She thought he has become hers but one day! A photo of a baby in Kalpana’s arms is shown on the slide. Rajvir comes in. Anjana dint know that Harsh and Kalpana had a son too. He made a place for himself in the world but did he also make a place in his father’s heart too? He has come here today to know that only! Think it to be like Ram ji is back from exile. It is over today! Anjana and Harsh look at him shock / confusion. Zoya runs towards Hooda House.

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Rajvir stands facing Harsh. Lights come on just then. Nani steps forward. Rajvir says it is said that the eldest son of Hooda House does the Maha-aarti. Shall we Dad? Harsh is silent. Zoya enters and sees Rajvir and Nani in front of Hooda family. Nani stops her from interrupting anyone. Rajvir has waited for this moment for ages. It seems like he is getting his right after ages! I had only heard that the people’s lives light up on Diwali but you literally did that for us. Thank you for whatever you have done for us. We will never forget your favour. You indeed are a Devi. Aditya looks at them. Nani says you united a kid with his father. We wont be able to pay back for whatever you have done for us to bring them together. God bless you.

Rajvir tells Harsh that the world might not believe it but you do. I am the eldest son of this house. I have every right to do this aarti. Can I call you Dad? Aditya hits him angrily. Arjun stops him. Aditya says you came to burn down our house on Diwali. Zoya tells him to calm down. Rajvir tells him it is fine younger brother. Your anger is justified. Aditya refuses to call him his brother. You share nothing with Pa or us. What do you want? Rajvir tells Zoya not to stop Aditya today. I have no problem if he calms down by shedding my blood. This elder brother can do this much for his younger brother! I have the rights of the house that Aditya had till now. I dint come here to ask for my rights. I only came here to spend time with my family.
Anjana tells him to tell this lie to someone else. She is about to slap him but Nani holds her hand. Rajvir can bear it but I wont! We dint raise hand or our voice years ago but it wont happen this time. Even God knows who is being honest here and who is lying! You have been lying since forever but not anymore. Your lies will be exposed now. Tears stream down Anjana’s cheeks. Nani adds that Rajvir will get his rights now. Anjana shouts at the security to take them outside. Aditya wants to handover Rajvir to police. He is a runaway criminal anyways. Zoya tries to calm Aditya but Anjana ends up scolding her. You light a fire and then try to douse it! Aditya insists upon calling police. Harsh announces that no one will call police. He asks Nani if this is truth. Is Rajvir really my son? Nani nods. Anjana’s eyes widen in shock. Harsh looks at Rajvir emotionally. Aditya calls them liars. They have been lying to us since forever. They have been blackmailing us. Don’t know what they are up to! How can you trust what they are saying? You don’t even know them! Harsh counters him by saying that he knows them. This is Pallavi’s mother. Aditya looks at the photo on the projector. So this is your second family with whom you used to share our love? Your girlfriend’s name was Pallavi right? You used to fight with my Ma for her and even cheated my Ma. You dint even care about me. You had even left me behind. Right Pa? Harsh shakes his head.
Zoya tells Aditya to not stretch this matter in front of everyone. We will talk later amongst ourselves. He shouts if he will discuss the affairs of his so called Pa. Shall I make list of his illegitimate affairs? Harsh shouts his name pointedly. Aditya tells him not to shout. This isn’t your court where everyone will go quiet hearing your voice! Harsh tells Aditya not to say on the matter which he knows nothing about. Aditya refuses to let him do as per his wish. I will kill you but I wont let you do this to Ma again! Zoya gives him her swear to calm him down. Aditya kneels down in front of Harsh. Please don’t do this this time! People are recording videos of this. Zoya notices it. She asks everyone to leave. It is our family matter. Give us some privacy. People taunt them for being rich yet having a bad heart. They leave one by one. Nani and Rajvir smirk.
Precap: Nani tells Harsh that Pallavi dint commit suicide. She was murdered. You cheated her for this Anjana! Anjana tells Harsh they are lying. You believe anything that they are saying! Don’t know whose illegitimate child he is! Rajvir lunges at her to hit her but Aditya picks up a knife in an attempt to push him away / hit him. Harsh ends up slapping Aditya. Nani smirks.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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