Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st November 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Sir asking Naina and Karthik to rehearse with each other and give life to play. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was stuck between love and duty. Karthik tells the dialogue. Naina forgets the dialogues. Karthik says she wants someone else hero. Sir asks Naina to come closer to Karthik and tell the dialogue with emotions. Karthik tells the dialogue. Naina couldn’t say the dialogues right. Sir asks everyone to turn and asks Naina to tell the dialogues. Sameer comes there with everyone and is upset. Karthik smiles. Naina tries to go behind Sameer. She tells her friends that they are thinking her wrong. Pandit says you will act with Karthik even after Sameer is insulted. Preeti says you did wrong. Naina goes behind Sameer and tells that she wants to tell him something.

Sameer asks why did she lie to him? He says you don’t want to do the role, and says if you couldn’t refuse Punawala then you would have told me. Naina says I don’t care about others. Sameer argues with her. Naina says when I went to Principal’s room, I heard them talking that VJN will have grand auditorium. Sameer says that’s why you did this? Naina says then also I went to tell him, but he didn’t listen. She asks him to come out his arrogance and says you just knows anger. Munna and Pandit see them going separate ways. Pandit doubts if they will ever marry. Munna says they fight for 6 days in a week. He says love increases if one fights with others. Pandit fights with him and laughs.

They come to canteen and see sameer. Sameer asks if he gets angry often. Munna and Pandit say no. Sameer drinks cola and tries to calm himself. Sunaina and her gang come there. Priyank says Naina and Karthik’s Jodi was superb. Sunaina says Naina is happy to get the role. Naina comes to the canteen. Sameer orders pavbhaji. Naina also orders the same. Canteen guy banke bhai tells that there is just one Pav bhaji. Naina asks him to give her pav bhaji. Sameer says I ordered first. They argue. Sameer takes it. Naina goes angrily. Sameer says my hunger is gone and goes. Munna tells Pandit that hunger ends in love and fight. Naina comes home. Preeti asks her about the dress. Naina asks why did you take my dress and says Chachi ji says right that your things don’t stay for long. Preeti asks her to give her earrings and belt. She asks her to tell what happened to her. Naina says I am mad and going to take bath. Preeti asks why are you telling me. Naina asks her to keep her dress in almari. Preeti calls Sameer and asks if he fought with Naina. He says no, and tells that she fought with him. Naina hears her and takes the phone in her hand. She scolds Sameer for lying to Preeti. She says you fights with me, holds Karthik’s collar and had beaten up Sharad.

Sameer says they are better than me and says Punawala is mad not to select him. Sameer says I don’t want to talk to you. Naina says I am not dying to talk to you. She asks Preeti not to pick the call and says she is going to take bath. Preeti thinks there is something wrong for sure. Naina goes to bath again. In the bathroom, she thinks of Sameer’s words and comes out of bathroom. She calls Sameer and reminds him of his words that he couldn’t sleep without talking to her. He ends the call. Naina calls again and says I will end the call and not you. In the college, naina rehearse with Karthik. She sees Sameer and tells Karthik that she didn’t see natural actor like him. Sameer asks his friends to come to red rose and says he will give party. Naina stops Preeti and asks who will help me with dialogues. She asks Munna and Pandit to stop and help her. Sameer says I am going to have chole bature etc. Naina says red rose is not going away and asks them to go tomorrow. All friends get upset and go to library. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was their full fledge fight and none of them was ready to give up.

Sameer tells Naina that he forgave her. Naina asks him to apologize to her and then she will forgive him. Sameer says you praised my enemy infront of me and now asking me to apologize.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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