Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd November 2018 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Anurag saying I don’t know how to explain you, I will try, Prerna, your smile affects me, if you worry, I worry, when you are in pain, I wonder how to solve your problem, I want to protect you, I keep thinking about you. You are not just Rajesh’s daughter for me now. She asks then who am I. He says why Prerna…. why do you always have a question on my answer. She says because your every answer rises a question in my heart. He says look into my eyes, what do you see. She asks what do you mean. He says a question again…. what can you see, do you think I m lying, what I feel for you, is it a lie, is it right or wrong, I don’t like Navin, is there any other reason, you will get all answers in my eyes. He holds her. Ye kya hua…plays… He says

sorry. She thinks I know, its happening because of my feelings for you. He says I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. She says no, I know its not because of you. He asks so what did you see in my eyes. She says I don’t understand.

He says very soon Navin’s truth will come out and everyone know your choice is so cheap. He goes. Navin looks around and goes to Anurag’s room. He sees Ronita and checks her. He says you had died, how did you come back, you ruined my efforts, its not good. Navin scolds her for coming back to ruin his life. He asks didn’t you see how happy is everyone outside. He says you have to die. Prerna thinks what’s this strange feeling, why am I tensed, why don’t I like to look into his eyes. Anurag thinks what’s this feeling and why, what’s wrong with me. He thinks of Sid’s words. He thinks its because of Sid, that’s why I m feeling this. He thinks of Prerna. Mohini comes and asks why are you lost. He says nothing. She says you think I won’t know about it, I know whom you love the most, your studies, sorry, you can concentrate on studies after some days. Anurag says no, Navin… Mohini says guests have started coming, go and get Navin, maybe he needs help. Anurag thinks its good Navin isn’t here, I will see Ronita once, maybe she got conscious. Navin says I will get something.

Anurag says I will just check on someone and come, the person isn’t well. Navin gets a knife and sings. He says I m your husband, and husband is Lord. He goes to stab Ronita. He stops and says I want to release you from this pain. Anurag stops on the way and talks to guests. Mohini sees Anurag with guests. She goes to him. Navin says no, this will have blood shed. He sees a pillow and thinks this will be right, this won’t hurt her. He goes to suffocate Ronita. Mohini asks Anurag to go and help Navin. Anurag says I m going, maybe that lady got conscious, I will just check. She says I m proud of you that you help others. He says you are very sweet, dad would have told you. She jokes. Navin suffocates Ronita.

She struggles and screams. Anurag and Mohini are on the way. Ronita shouts help. Navin shuts her mouth. Anurag goes. Navin scolds Ronita. Mohini gets her dad’s call and talks. He asks Anurag to talk to his Nanu. Anurag greets Nanu. Ronita hits Navin. Anurag hears some sound. He turns to see. He says call disconnected, maybe its network issue. Mohini says I will try again, please wait, maybe its someone imp. She asks him to get Navin. She goes. Moloy stops Anurag and asks him to come. Ronita shouts help. Anurag says someone screamed. Ronita tries to push Navin. He strangulates her.

Anurag cries. Prerna comes to him. She asks what happened, you are scaring me. He holds her face and says don’t do this marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena


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