Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 5th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Bela teaches a few recipes to Anand. She smiles seeing him struggle with the cooker handle. Let me do it. He tells her to teach him how to do it instead. Let’s do it together. She gets shy. He teases her to feel shy later or he will have to seek help from some foreigner lady. She hits him playfully. They manage to open it together and smile.
Preeti is sleepy but Naina sternly tells her to study. Preeti keeps dozing off. Naina wakes her up again. She is having a hard time staying awake and ultimately falls asleep. Tai ji enters and finds both the girls sleeping. She decides not to wake them and takes out the locket kept under Naina’s pillow. She collides with the chair while going stealthily. Naina and Preeti wake up. Tai ji tells them to study well and goes outside. She looks

at the chain and finds the N and S initials on the chain. N is for Naina. What does S stand for? I will expose her in front of everyone once I find out who this guy is! I will see how she will lie to me then. Who can it be?

(Voiceover – Naina);
Tai ji counted every possible name but couldn’t see the guy right in front of her eyes!
Next morning, Munna, Pundit, Kamya and another friend are discussing about their exams. Munna and Pundit show chits hidden in their clothes. No one can stop us from passing the exams this time. Kamya is in another class. They tease her. Naina and Sameer join them too. They share their classrooms with each other. Naina wonders how she will give exams without seeing his face. Preeti asks her if there are chits on his face. Naina denies. I can remember the answers when you are around. Sameer remarks that it is good that they are in separate rooms. I forget everything when I see you. She calls him aside and gives him Anand’s gift. You will surely get first division this time. Sunaina looks on. Sameer recalls Principal Ma’am’s condition. Kartik finds Sunaina distracted. Naina kisses the pen. It has Chacha ji’s blessings and my love. Sameer takes it. Bell rings. Everyone goes to their respective rooms. Sameer asks Naina to go first. She asks him if everything is fine. He agrees. Best of luck. She goes.
Principal Ma’am asks Sameer what he is doing here. He replies that he came to wish his friends. She tells him that he needs luck right now. I dint exaggerate the matter as I dint want out college to be insulted but you dint do the right thing! She notices someone standing behind him and goes quiet. Sameer turns and finds Naina standing behind him. Ma’am leaves. Naina walks up to Sameer. What did Ma’am say? He lies that she also said I will get first division. Why did you come back? She wishes him good luck too. Go now. Teacher must be coming. He tells her to go too. He steps inside a room for her sake but then rushes out the moment she goes to her designated room.
Everyone is busy writing their papers. Preeti asks Naina to pass her sheet but Naina refuses. Teacher asks her what is happening. Preeti lies that she was asking the time. Teacher shows her watch to her and goes. Preeti mumbles that her time is bad. Munna is using calculator in the exam. Kartik offers him Rs. 10 but Munna does not pay heed.
Sameer is in the cafeteria. He recalls Naina’s words.
Munna gives calculator to Kartik in exchange of Rs. 50.
A guy asks Sameer what he is doing here. Your exam is going on. Sameer nods. I am giving my exam only.
Kartik returns the calculator to Munna as soon as an invigilator enters. He checks Kartik’s pockets. A note is found in his pocket.
(Voiceover – Naina):
Cheating in exam was a pattern that never changed. Only the methods have changed today. Sameer dint do the right thing by hiding the truth from me. It isn’t good to hide things in love.
Time is up. Teacher takes everyone’s papers. Sameer rushes back to the corridor knowing that Naina must be waiting for him. They discuss about the exam. Their friends join them too and discuss about the exams. Sameer hides his pain behind his smile.
Days pass by. Sameer repeats the same routine every day. Canteen guy watches him quietly every day.
(Voiceover – Sameer):
We passed through the exams somehow. I was afraid to be caught but what about when the results will come? Impending holidays were a relief though. Holidays were a big villain for lovers in those days but that time was really good for me. I could keep myself away from my fears atleast for some time whenever I was with Naina.
Naina leaves home stealthily. Tai ji starts following her but sprains her leg on the stairs.
Naina and Sameer are having Pao Bhaji. They relish it.
I still remember those days with Naina. Every Monday we used to have Pao Bhaji after visiting temple. That extra ghee and lemon! I dint imagine what was about to come next!
Precap: Naina checks Sameer’s result. Fail? She looks at Sameer.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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