Ishq Subhan Allah : Kabir Leaves Zara !


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The upcoming twist of Zee TV’s show Ishq Subhan Allah will show that Kabir will take a drastic step as he walks away from Zara and his family after a major showdown. Kabir and Zara have a wall of misunderstandings between them and their relationship is becoming worse with each passing day. To make matters worse, Kabir is getting closer to Rukshar and this is unacceptable for Zara. 

However, viewers will now get to see a major showdown between the two brothers Kashaan and Kabir as they will argue about Ayaan’s education matter. Kashaan will make it clear that his son will not study in a madrasa and will only study in a proper school.

On the other hand, Kabir will insist that Ayaan should study in a madrasa to get good religious education. The fight between Kashaan and Kabir will turn intense as Kashaan will taunt Kabir that his madrasa education has not helped him to earn any money and succeed in life.

 Kabir will be hurt and dejected by Kashaan’s mean words and he will make a decision to leave the house and go away. 

Kabir will walk away from Zara and the rest of the family and Zara will fail to stop Kabir from leaving. 

Will Zara be able to bring back Kabir and unite him with the family? 

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