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Gayu understands Naira’s heart without her expressing the problem. Gayu realizes that Naira wants to have a baby and maybe Kartik is refusing for some valid reason. She explains the same to Naira that she needs to keep her calm and try to explain Kartik timely. She asks Naira to take it easy and prepare Kartik mentally. Naira tries to remind Kartik about her wish to have a baby. She doesn’t want any delay in planning. Naira tells Kartik that they should give a heir to the Goenka family and fulfill the elders’ dream as well. Kartik doesn’t agree with her. He tells her that even if she was pregnant, he would have asked her to abort the baby, since her health is her first most priority. He gives more importance to her health and life than her happiness.
Kartik explains her that he is doing everything for her, and they are already complete without a baby. He doesn’t want Naira to forget him or suffer the same way again, just for the sake of a baby. Kartik reasons out his stand, while Naira understands his concern completely. Moreover, she requests him to consider her request.
Gayu reaches Kartik to advice him over Naira’s wish. Dadi spots them together. Dadi gets a doubt that Gayu is trying to come between Kartik and Naira. She scolds Gayu for ruining Naira’s family. She asks Gayu not to take revenge on Naira for the old matters. She knows that Gayu wanted to marry Kartik. She raises a question on Kartik and Gayu’s relation on seeing them working together. She knows that Gayu loved Kartik and still loves him. She suspects Gayu’s negative intentions. She loses her cool and makes Kartik away from Gayu. When Naira defends Gayu, Dadi asks Naira why did Gayu get close to Kartik without any reason. She asks Naira to open eyes and see what’s happening around. She calls Gayu wrong.
Gayu gets much hurt by Dadi’s words. Kartik and Naira try to defend Gayu. Kartik tells Dadi that Gayu is his good friend, but she has made the things awkward between them. Kartik regrets for Dadi’s actions.
Dadi doesn’t want Kartik and Naira’s relation to suffer. She gets insecure because of Gayu. She asks Gayu to leave from their house. Kartik wants to save Gayu from Dadi’s anger. Dadi asks Gayu to marry someone and settle down. Dadi tells them that the relatives have returned to their homes, but Gayu didn’t leave. She knows Gayu’s past completely. She is worried for Kartik and Naira’s delicate relation, which already faced a divorce. She doesn’t want anything wrong to happen with Kartik again.
She has seen Kartik sinking in sorrow before. She asks Naira not to make mistake of hitting on her own relation. Naira doesn’t agree with Dadi. She gets angry on Dadi, while defending Gayu. She can’t understand how Dadi can suspect Gayu. She asks Gayu to stay with her until she wants.

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