Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai Spoiler: Sameer Upset !


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Anand asks Sameer about his marks/percentage in exams. Sameer gets tensed and doesn’t know what to say. He makes an excuse and diverts the topic. 

Sameer realizes Naina is too practical and he is too emotional like Vishaka had said. Naina gets angry with him for wasting his year and ignores his sacrifice. Sameer gets very much upset with her and gets angry with himself for being emotional. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Sumani and Vishaka visit Nana ji’s house. Mama ji and Mami tell them about Sameer’s result day today. Sunaina comes to Sameer’s house and tells that that Sameer was absent for all exams and that’s why failed. 

Vishaka is upset with him. Mr. Sumani gets a chance to scold Sameer. Vishaka confronts Sameer and asks why he didn’t write his exams. 

Sameer tells her about his sacrifice for Naina, and Naina ignoring his sacrifice and blaming him instead.

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