Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai | Naira Has an Emotional Breakdown | SBD |


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Naira gets crying when her big dream breaks. She gets the test reports and gets shocked with the negative result. She feels helpless. She has fought with her critical illness. Naira wants to become a mother. She shatters knowing the bad reports that she can never conceive a child, in her medically weakened state. She sheds tears. She feels sorrowful. She loses out to her deep sorrow. Naira wanted to bring a smile on the faces of her family. Her smile goes missing, since her dream has broken down. Naira wanted Kartik to understand her dream of having a child.
Kartik was against her conceiving a child because of her health issues. Kartik finds Naira broken down. She tells him that he would be happy since it happened what he wanted. She asks him to be satisfied now. He tells her that she can’t blame him, he isn’t the one who has done this. She asks what’s wrong with you, why are you venting anger on me. Kartik gets upset with her. He doesn’t convince her. He tells her that even he has a right to get angry, since he doesn’t want to fulfill her stubbornness. He tells her that he will not comply with her wrong demands. He asks her to do anything she wants.
Kartik feels Naira can better be sad than getting ill again. Kartik is against her pregnancy. He worries that she won’t be able to handle the pregnancy pressure. He wants her to understand that he is taking the decision for both of them.
He asks her to just listen to him, and not get crazy to fulfill her wishes all the time. He has his own valid reasons to stop her. They don’t know why are they fighting, since they both want their relation to stay fine. They can’t stay without each other. They still ignore each other and stay hurt within the heart. Naira vents out anger on a smiley ball. Kartik sees her hitting her head to the wall and tries to explain her that he is someone who loves her the most.

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