Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th December 2018 Episode Written Update

Everyone waves at Anand as he sits in the taxi.
(Voiceover – Naina):
That day not just us but even our neighbours were bidding adieu to Chacha ji as if he was getting married and it was his Vidaai. Nowadays we can talk to anyone sitting in any corner of the world today using mobiles, tabs! That day we could rely only on landlines. USA was so of radar.
Anand notices Sameer sitting on his way and stops the taxi. He lies that he is forgot his pen and gets off with Naina. A few passer-bys greet him. Anand asks Naina to go ahead. Naina notices Sameer standing nearby holding a bouquet of flowers. She asks him if he is fine. He looks down. She gestures him to smile and sends a flying kiss his way. He grabs is happily. Title track plays in the background. Sameer is about

to send a flying kiss towards her when Anand meets him. Sameer wishes him happy journey. Anand thanks him. He asks Naina to join them. Naina comes. Anand advises them to take care of each other in his absence. I called you here to tell you that I will speak to the family members as soon as I return from USA. Sameer hopes everyone could understand them like he does. Anand says your eyes are honest. You both shouldn’t look down when I will be talking. They both nod. Anand goes back towards the taxi. Naina turns to look at Sameer who gives her a flying kiss. She catches it with a smile. She waves at him as they leave in the taxi.

Servant is taking the bags out when Sameer enters. Sameer asks about his mom. Servant tells him she is in his room. Sameer rushes to his room. Vishakha keeps their photo aside. Sameer requests her not to leave. She says you dint stop when I tried to. I thought to go right then but stopped by to see you. He requests her again. She replies that it is better for her to leave right now as she does not need a mother who scolds him and stops him from doing something wrong. I don’t even understand your love. I am leaving a mother with you who will always be your side. She shows him their photo. She will never question you. He asks her if she and Naina cannot stay in his life at the same time. Is it important to lose one of you to gain another? She gets up. Ask this question to yourself. Sameer says I know I hurt you a lot but it took so much time to clear out the distance between us. You will leave me again? I cannot and don’t wish to leave either you or Naina. She says I am not upset that you misbehaved with me but I am upset that I couldn’t save you. I lost to you, to myself and to that Naian! She succeeded in separating us after all! He hugs her requesting to stay back. I will do anything that you will say apart from this condition. Please stay. Vishakha pushes him away. We had a word with your Principal. You can give supplementary exams. He asks her if she took Naina’s name. She replies that she doesn’t wish to take it. Study well and pass. Relations succeed only when two people are together. He asks her when she will visit again. She shares that she will come again the day he will take the right decision of his life. Sameer looks at their photo tearfully. Please don’t go. She says I told you I am getting late. It is already late! She leaves. Sameer cries holding the photo.
Naina is thrilled to know that Sameer will be giving exams again. We will be in the same class again? He nods. She thanks God. I am so happy. You cannot even imagine. She notices his sad face. Are you missing aunty ji? He nods. She speaks nicely about Vishakha. She managed to pacify Ma’am even after whatever happened. She wont be able to stay upset for too long. I haven’t seen my mother but I have seen Chachi ji. I am sure no mother can stay upset with their kids for too long. Your mother too wont be! He recalls how Vishakha was bitter towards Naina for separating them. Naina seeks his promise that they will never separate. He says we can never. She adds that she can leave anything for him. He replies that he has left his studies, his friends, his relatives and even his mother for her. You are everywhere with me! I have to do so much for you. She says I also do every bit of work for you only. I see you everywhere. They both call each other their world. They share an eye lock. Naina asks if they shall leave. He teases her if they are going to her home to declare their love. She says that day will also come. Tomorrow we will meet at the place from where our love story began. He gets thinking.
Naina and Sameer are in the library. They look at each other across the shelves. He was holding her when they both end up falling. She asks him to get up but he shakes his head. He lies down keeping his hand under his ear. She pulls at his ear. Don’t act too romantic. Study. He murmurs that everyone is right. How do you become teacher suddenly? She says it depends on the students. You have to study for the exams and score first division this time. She makes him stand. They both sit down to study together.
(Voiceover – Sameer):
I liked Naina as she was my life. I was happy seeing her happy and sad seeing her sad. Ma couldn’t understand this. Naina was happy as Chacha ji had blessed us. I was also happy but I would have been happier if Ma was on our side too. Love becomes blissful when elders bless you! Naina and I were in that phase only.
Naina helps Sameer study. Naina and Sameer look at each other sweetly.
(Voiceover – Naina):
Those days, time used to fly. I dint realise when a month passed, Sameer studied and gave exams. His real exam was on the day Chacha ji was returning. I was sure Sameer will pass with flying colours!
After the exams, Naina asks Sameer how his exam was. He smiles in reply. They go out for drive. He intentionally applies brake. She hits him playfully. They share cute moments together. She has a headset on as Sameer drives. Tai ji and Rakesh passing by from there in an auto. They argue as always over. Sameer’s bike is right in front of their auto. Naina has rested her head on his shoulder. Rakesh complains about the girl leaning her head over the guy’s head openly. Such guys should be hit in front of everyone! Tai ji says the girl is no less. It will be fun when her family members will catch her red handed. They ask the auto driver to overtake them. Tai ji and Rakesh are shocked to see Naina and Sameer. Sameer sees them too and is stunned.
Precap: Tai ji holds Naina’s hand asking her to come with her. Bela asks her where she is taking Naina. Rakesh says it is her wedding today. She is going to temple!
Update Credit to: Pooja


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