Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th December 2018 Episode Written Update

Sameer asks Naina if they should go. She nods. They leave on his bike and their friends follow them in the car.
Rakesh shouts that no one should tell anything. How does it matter? It is my daughter who ran away! I said that Sameer is a loafer but no one paid heed to my words. Tai ji tells him not taunt someone else. Tau ji asks for Naina’s friends’ numbers but Rakesh knows no one will do anything. They are in the same boat. I will send Sameer’s family to jail! Tau ji warns him to sit down quietly. I don’t want to run to get you bailed instead of chasing Naina. Now I only will have to think what we should do!
Naina and her friends come to some place. Humne Ghar Chhora Hai plays in the background (where laundry is being cleaned). Naina is still sobbing. Everyone sits

down quietly. Kamya shifts in her place. Sameer wipes Naina’s tears. Pundit is hungry. Sameer stops him from going outside to look for something. Naina starts coughing. Sameer gets up to bring water but she holds his hand and shakes her head at him. He still goes and returns with a water jug. Naina takes a sip and passes it to Munna. He offers it to Swati first. Kamya and Pundit look on anxiously. Swati is about to give it to Munna but Pundit snatches it out of her hand. Kamya drinks water next. Munna asks Naina why her family members are so bent upon making her marry Sharad. Pundit says I cannot believe how he can still be willing to marry her even after getting slapped. Sameer suggests talking about something else. They discuss what they did and what consequences it will bring. Pundit is positive no one will be able to come here. Sameer says everything will be fine once Chacha ji is here. A guy asks them who they are. They all fumble and give different answers when he asks about their whereabouts. He mistakes them for being thieves. He shouts at his men to call police but Naina and her friends start running. Pyaar Humein Kis Mod Pe plays. Sameer is looking for her. She peeks from behind a cloth to see if anyone is still chasing them. Sameer finds her and helps her escape. They all find each other and run out.

Rakesh comes to Maheshwari House and shouts Sameer’s name. He checks Sameer’s room but he isn’t there. Everyone comes out hearing the commotion. Mama ji asks him who he is. Rakesh demands to call Sameer. Mama ji asks him how dare he speak ill of his nephew. Rakesh taunts him on it. Rakesh is about to hit the servant but Mama ji warns him against it. What is the matter? Rakesh tells them that Sameer has eloped with Naina. Poonam says he might be mistaken. Rakesh denies. His name is Sameer Maheshwari, right? Mama ji goes mum. Rakesh questions them on their upbringing. Mama ji says it must not be only from one side. Your girl isn’t a kid who can be pacified by anyone. Mami ji seconds him. Girls are no less these days! Rakesh asks him to call Sameer here. Mama ji threatens to call police but Rakesh vows to call police. I will send you all to jail! He leaves. Mama ji and Mami ji are boggled over what just happened. They try Munna’s number.
Bela and Preeti are crying in a corner. Tai ji and Tau ji are sitting quietly in another. Landline rings. Everyone gets alert. Tai ji stops Naina from picking the call. She gestures Preeti to pick instead. Preeti complies. It is Naina. Tau ji gets up angrily but Tai ji stops him. Naina tells Preeti that everyone is with her. We are waiting for 9 pm. We are very scared. We can only rely on God and Chacha ji. Preeti looks at Tai ji. Naina tells Preeti to tell Chacha ji everything if he calls. Preeti sneezes. Tai ji covers her mouth before she can say anything and puts the call on speaker. Naina tells her location. Tai ji ends the call. Bela is in tears.
Naina and her friends come to a temple.
Munna says I am so happy thinking how smartly you played with Tau ji. We are here but he will be looking for us on Surat Highway right now. How did you realise he was eavesdropping? Naina says Preeti sneezed. Kamya calls it inauspicious but Naina shares that it is their secret code. We sneeze whenever we have to tell each other there is some danger nearby. Swati sneezes just then. Everyone looks at her at once. Swati gets conscious. This one was real.
(Voiceover – Naina):
Sneeze might be considered inauspicious but that day it helped us very much. Preeti sneezed right on time and I also lied like a great actor. Everything was happening like a film. It had everything. We only dint know one thing – if the ending of our filmy story is going to be happy or sad.
Sameer turns to Naina. You dint tell me about this secret code till date. Naina replies that it is good if husband finds out about some virtues of wife later on. Sameer and Naina share an eye lock. Munna and Pundit tease them. Sameer looks at the clock. It is 6 pm. Chacha ji will be home by 9. Everything will be fine then. Munna gets up suddenly. I can hear something.
Munna is hungry. Sameer notices someone handing out Prasad to everyone. He offers to bring something but Naina requests him not to go outside. He nods sweetly. He asks the girls to sit in a corner and takes Munna and Pundit with him.
Bela is praying. Tai ji and Tau come. Bela asks her if they found Naina. Tai ji scolds her for being blind. Tau ji says I searched entire highway but she was nowhere to be seen. Has Rakesh returned? Tai ji is irked that Naina and her father are creating one problem after another. Rakesh enters just then. He tells his brother that he went to Maheshwari House. Tau ji says this wasn’t needed. What if something had gone wrong? Rakesh replies that everything is wrong. Rakesh asks Preeti to bring Naina’s photo. I will file an FIR against Sameer.
Precap: Preeti and Swati tease Naina with Sameer’s photo and sing Sun Sun Didi Tere Liye. Naina smiles. Bela hugs her daughters happily.
Update Credit to: Pooja


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