Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Sameer, Munna and Pundit stand in the Prasad line. The girls look on. Gawah Hai song plays as the boys walk back to the girls with the Prasad. They all share it. Sameer and Naina feed Prasad to each other. Swati and Munna look at each other. She holds her ear apologetically. He walks up to her and they both also feed each other. Everyone smiles. Naina coughs a little to distract them. Munna is all shy. Everyone is happy for them.
Naina and Sameer are in one corner while their friends are talking to each other. They look at each other and then at their friends.
Rakesh asks Preeti to bring Naina’s photo so he can file FIR against Sameer. His brother scolds him on the idea. It isn’t about law but society. She is a girl. Her dignity will be maligned for life if anything

goes wrong. Sit down! Rakesh is angry with Naina. Bela tells him she trusts Naina. She wont do anything wrong. Everything will be fine once Anand is home. Tai ji remarks that nothing can be right with either them or with Naina.

Naina thanks her friends and so does Sameer. You guys helped us so much. This was our problem but you got in trouble because of us. Pundit asks Munna to come. He said thanks to us! Swati reminds Sameer that he always teaches this to Naina. They all say in unison – no sorry and no thank you in friendship. They cutely complain for not telling them beforehand. We could not get anything to drink or eat and aren’t even looking good enough. They all enjoy a happy, cute moment together.
(Voiceover – Sameer):
I ran away with my girlfriend and our friends also ran away with us in our support. Nowadays a friend runs away with another friend’s girlfriend.
Pundit ji looks at the gang. Sameer apologizes to him. They all act normal. Naina asks Sameer what he will say at his home. Chacha ji will manage everything at my home. He says he will tell them the truth. Everyone is anxiously waiting for Chacha ji to come home. They speak about airport. Sameer shares that he isn’t worried about Mama ji and Mami ji but mummy. She will come here right away or she might have come already if Mama ji has informed her. He stops while saying that Mummy does not like Naina already. He walks a little away. Naina nods at him reassuringly.
There is a mess in Maheshwari House. Vishakha and Bobby reach as well. They ask about Sameer. Bobby says what had to happen, has already happened. I told you to be stringent with him but see what happened! Mami ji and Mama ji insist they knew nothing but he refuses to believe them. All 3 of them are arguing. Vishakha tells them to stop. She admits that she knew about it. They look at her in shock. Vishakha accepts that she knew that Sameer loves Naina. He had told me himself but I dint know it will go so far. Bobby taunts her for being a great mother. You are hiding your son’s carelessness so easily! You could have told me atleast. I am shouting at these people for no reason! He asks her to come to police station with him. We will file a complaint against Naina. She is the one who made him elope! Vishakha stops him. He will come back. I know my son well. Bobby says he isn’t even 21. He will be in deep trouble if Naina’s family files a complaint before us! Vishakha is in a fix.
It is night. Naina tells Sameer that she wont leave his side at any cost. She keeps her hand over his. Gawah Hai plays in the background. They see a couple sticking a coin in the temple to make their wish come true. Sameer and Naina also light a diya. Their friends are standing behind them. Sameer also offers a coin. Naina and Sameer look at each other. They take rounds around the temple after which Sameer picks up the coin.
A few people come to Agarwal House. They have come to welcome Anand. Tai ji says you all must be eager to see what Anand will bring from America. They deny but Rakesh begins to scold them. Tau ji interrupts him. They ask Agarwal family if everything is fine. Bela manages the situation. We will call you once he is here. Tau ji seconds her. They all turn to go when a lady asks about Naina. She is nowhere to be seen. She wasn’t there in the evening too. Rakesh asks them if they have nothing else to do. You stand in the balcony all day to keep tabs on everyone! She has gone to her friend’s house to study. Tai ji sends everyone home.
Bela cries looking at Naina’s bag. I hope she is fine wherever she is. Tai ji slams the bag angrily on the floor. A paper falls out of her bag. Preeti tries covering it but Tai ji snatches it out of her hand. Tai ji’s eyes widen in shock seeing the love letter. Tai ji is seething in anger as she reads it aloud. This girl knows no shame!
Naina and Sameer stick the coin together on the wall but it slips. Naina and Sameer look at each other pensively. She picks it again and says a prayer. Sameer looks on. She hands him the coin. He too says a prayer holding the close tightly. They try again and the coin sticks this time. They smile in relief.
Rakesh asks his brother if he will come with him or should he go alone to police station. Rakesh says what he will do. He never cared for her! Bela tells him not to say so. He never differentiated between Naina and Preeti. Rakesh is bitter that this wouldn’t have happened if Anand had indeed cared for Naina. Now I will be the one who will do anything! He turns and finds Anand standing at the door.
Precap: Naina tries to explain to Chacha ji that they dint elope. We were only waiting for you to return. Anand slaps her. Naina asks Sameer to go.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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