Ishqbaaz 18th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Shivaansh thanks everyone for their wishes. He asks the reporter to leave, the two beautiful girls are coming, his Nani and Dadi. Nani and Dadi come. Shivaansh hugs them. They compliment him. Nani asks Dadi not to cry. He says your makeup will spoil, don’t cry, I will meet you soon. Aasya tells him about interview. He says cancel it, I have an imp appointment. She says you are cancelling interview for video games. He says for Nani and Dadi. Avi says Shivaansh will come surely. Aasya says SSO just needs class in everything. He says Kapadia is giving 15 crores to cut a ribbon. Aditi sees Shivaansh’s poster board and goes. Shivaansh says why do I do love stories, SRI and Kajol made people meet love, but my mom and dad made me know love, their love story was the best. Dadi says Shivaansh also makes his

own dictionary like his mum. Shivaansh says I was in a guest appearance role in this film, I have seen and learnt the power of love, I believe in love and its Dhinchak stories, I m the ambassador of love, I love Pyaar. Mohini says love can do anything. Aditi burns the balloon.

Mohini says you have burst my SSO balloon. Aditi says fix it with power of lower. Mohini says you have become tough, we will do dressing of your wound. Aditi corrects her speech. She says this wound is nothing. She cleans the blood and dumps tissue. Mohini says SSO fills maang of four heroines with this much blood. Shivaansh says person needs some love, swag and Dhinchak in his life. Mohini asks how did you beat the goons. Aditi says I was just doing my duty. She prepares rotis. Mohini says its my work to keep you safe, aunt called and said Mayank is asking for your number, I asked her not to give your number, I didn’t forget what he has done with you. Aditi says even I didn’t forget. She recalls Mayank not getting the baraat for her. People pity Aditi. She runs crying.
Mohini says I think you should give another chance to love. Aditi says no, I can’t fall weak now, the words love and marriage don’t exist in my life’s dictionary, its just you and my duty. Mohini hugs her and says sorry. Aditi asks why, you may cry but you have to eat bhindi. Mohini says you are rough tough, I hope you meet someone, who gets a red balloon for you. Aditi says let him come, I m waiting for him, with a gun. Shivaansh dances with Dadi. Aaj ki party meri taraf se….plays….
Aditi goes to sleep. She gets disturbed by lights. She looks out and sees Shivaansh’s poster board again. Shivaansh dances with red balloon and throws it away. Aditi sees the moon. Shivaansh looks at the moon. Chand ne kuch kaha….plays… Dadi says Shivaye and Anika were true Ishqbaaz. Nani says yes, you remember the day when Anika told Shivaye that she is pregnant. FB shows Shivaye laughing. Anika asks why are you laughing, I want to arm wrestle with you. Shivaye says you are forgetting that I m the champion, I defeated Rudy too. She challenges him. She tries hard to defeat him in arm wrestling. She says Shivaye, I m pregnant. He gets shocked and loses. He asks what. She says winner. He says this is cheating, you can’t play with my emotions. She says I m saying the truth, you are going to become a father, I m pregnant. He faints. She asks are you fine. FB ends. Nani and Dadi smile.
Shivaansh is with Avi, Aasya and Khanna. Khanna gets hit by a pole. Shivaansh asks why do you meet with accidents all the time. He praises Anika’s superb dictionary. Khanna says your mum was great. Shivaansh asks why are you wearing sunglasses. Khanna says I can’t stand your beauty. He coughs. Shivaansh feeds him biscuits. He goes. Avi tells about the general store opening. Aasya and Avi give more details of offers. Shivaansh goes to room and sleep. Aditi thinks of her childhood. FB shows little Aditi running after her dad. Inspector says poor kids, their mum died and their dad has run away. Aditi sees her baby sister and says you aren’t alone, I m with you. FB ends. Aditi wakes up and gets sad. Shivaansh gets troubled and recalls someone shooting Shivaye. He shouts Papa and wakes up.
Aditi says we have to go in store opening. Constable says SSO is going to come there. Aditi leaves. Shivaansh is sleeping.
Update Credit to: Amena

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