Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Tau ji suggests sleeping now. We will plan tomorrow what we have to do next. Tai ji does not want to wait any further. I suggest we get her married right away. What if she runs away again? Rakesh vows to beat her if she tries that again. It will be right to get her married. Anand wont be able to do anything. Tau ji tells Rakesh they need to talk to Anand before coming upon any decision. He has raised her after all. Tai ji suggests that they leave for Rajasthan asap. We will find a groom for Naina and get her married to someone asap. Tau ji likes the idea. They wont ask for much dowry then. They will be happy that a girl from city is marrying into their house. Rakesh agrees to leave asap.
Sameer meets Anand outside. Sameer asks Anand if Naina is fine. I know we have hurt you a lot

but we had no other option. Naina was being forced to marry Sharad. Anand nods. I got to know. Sameer says what else we could have done. You can take your anger out on me. Naina isn’t at fault here. Punish me. Anand says I dint call you here to punish but what happened yesterday has aggravated the matter a lot. Sameer requests Anand to give him one chance. He holds his hand but Anand tells him it isn’t limited to them now. It is also about society. Sameer asks him what he means. Anand shares that he has decided to get Naina married. Sameer begs him not to do so. She is my life. I will die without her. I will come to your house and talk to everyone. Anand advises him to talk to his family instead. Sameer realises what he is hinting at. Anand tells him to bring his family over at 6 pm. I am hinting at your and Naina’s wedding. I don’t know how I will convince my family but I will have to make it happen. Sameer recalls how her mother is against Naina. Is it important to bring family today itself? Anand nods. Marriages happen between two families and not just two people. Go home and convince your family. You asked for one chance. This is your and my last chance. We must not delay things because of what happened yesterday. Sameer agrees. He touches his feet. Anand blesses him and leaves. Sameer stands there tensed.

Naina isn’t eating anything and sitting quietly. Bela requests her to eat something. Preeti requests her to drink tea atleast. Anand takes the cup closer to her. She retorts that she does not wish to drink it but accepts it seeing him. Anand sits next to her and holds her hand. I held onto these hands and taught you to walk and write. They always used to bless you but I don’t know how they hurt you yesterday. Everyone is in tears. Anand requests her to forgive him. Bela told me that you ran away with Sameer upon her askance. Please forgive me. Bela nods at Naina. Naina hugs him tight. Bela and Preeti hug each other and wipe each other’s tears. Anand tells Naina she should always be happy. Get ready properly today. Sameer is coming over with his family in the evening. Preeti breaks into a smile. Papa is lying to make you smile. Anand denies. I met him just now and have told him to come home in evening with his family. Bela asks him if he wants to hold world war 3 in the house. No one will spare anyone! Anand assures her he will fix everything. Everything will be fine. Naina hugs him again. Bela takes Anand with him so they can talk to Tai ji and Tau ji. Tai ji might faint after finding out about it. Preeti teases Naina upon the
Bobby tells Vishakha that her son isn’t home since morning. Did he run away with that girl again? What’s her name? Sameer tells him – Naina. He tells his mother he wishes to talk to her about something important. Bobby refuses to discuss anything about Naina. It will be good if you stop this madness too. He leaves. Vishakha begins to go when Sameer asks her if she too thinks his love is madness. If it is true then maybe your husband was right. This is indeed madness! He shows the wall to her on which he wrote Naina’s name last night. He shows his palm too. Only you can end this madness. Only if you care! She asks him if he cares for her. You have always been stubborn for whatever you want. This has been your habit since childhood. He reasons that he never got what he wanted which is why he had to be stubborn. This is my last wish. I want you to support me in this. Please meet Naina’s family once. I agree I did very wrong yesterday. Please forgive me for that. I dint talk to you for years because I couldn’t understand your love. I understood love after meeting Naina. I also understood that it is not important for the one you love to love you back. Love comes with no conditions. She loved me even when we dint even know each other. She loved me even when I dint love her, just like you love me after ignoring all my bad qualities. If it is the world on one side and Naina on another, I will choose Naina without a thought. She is my world. She is the girl who I have loved the most. I don’t know if it’s love or madness. He shows her Naina’s photos and papers on which Naina is written. This isn’t madness but true love. He also shows her the wedding card. Naina’s Chacha ji wants to meet us today. Naina means the world to me. Nanu promised me that he will make her the DIL of this house. He has made you incharge of my happiness. You can fulfil his promise atleast. I wont ask you for anything else after this! Just give me my Naina. He kneels down while holding her hand. I love her very much. I will die without her. Please meet her family once.
Naina is getting ready. Preeti and Swati tease Naina with Sameer’s photos and sing Sun Sun Didi Tere Liye. Naina smiles broadly. Bela smiles seeing them thus and joins the girl in their cute dance. She hugs the girls happily.
Bobby calls it childishness. The love of this age flies away in no time. Vishakha says I have been trying to make a place in Sameer’s heart since so many years but Naina dint have to do anything. She just got her own place. He had been so honest with me today about what he feels for her and how badly he wants her in his life. Trust me. He needs no one but Naina. He has been stubborn before me till date and got everything. He has asked something from me for the first time. I don’t think I will be able to say no to him today. Bobby tells her this is the time to be practical. He dint complete his studies, he isn’t settled and is talking about marriage? Naina isn’t compatible with him. Vishakha says we understand it but he does not. He tells her to make him understand. Vishakha tells Bobby that Anand has invited them to their house in the evening. Bobby is taken aback. She says I know it isn’t his age to marry. I also know Naina isn’t the right girl for him. I don’t wish to lose him again. I cannot live without my son. I don’t want him to think that he asked his mother for something for the first time but couldn’t give it to him! Bobby asks her what she wants him to do. She requests him to help her. I too don’t know what to do or how to make him understand. He agrees to go to Naina’s house. Do you trust me? She gets confused. He repeats her question. She nods. He says we will kill two birds with one stone now. Just wait and watch.
Precap: Sameer is excited as to what he should wear. Vishakha tells him to wear anything. Everything suits you. He says I am going to my in-laws’ house for the first time. It should be special. He gets shy noticing everyone around.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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