Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Bela does puja. She offers aarti to everyone. If Tai ji, Tau ji and Rakesh Bhaisahab agree for Naina and Sameer’s wedding then I will offer 11 coconuts in temple. Preeti jokes that if that happens then Naina will break them on her head itself. Everyone smile. Anand is positive it will happen. Bela is suspicious but he tells them not to be tensed in front of Sameer and his family. Bela and Anand go to talk to Tau ji. Preeti wants to celebrate by having something special. Naina is panicked but Preeti convinces her to be happy and positive.
Tai ji and Rakesh tell Tau ji to not pay heed to whatever Anand says. Be firm. Just tell that the guy we have chosen is final. He owns his own juice shop after all. Tai ji advises Rakesh to stay quiet. Anand and Bela meet them there. They discuss

about Naina’s wedding. Anand proposes Sameer’s name for Naina. Rakesh gets angry. You will get my daughter married to that loafer? Tau ji calms him down as neighbours look on. They head inside. Tau ji reprimands his brother for shouting in the corridor as soon as they are inside Tau ji’s house. They close all the doors and windows from inside. Tau ji tells Anand to give them poison instead. Rakesh is hell bent against the idea as well. Tau ji is against the idea owing to different castes. Rakesh calls Sameer loafer again. Anand speaks well of Sameer. Tau ji insists that the good boy eloped with Naina. Anand says sometimes what we see isn’t right. Tai ji tells him to lecture someone else instead. They both like each other. Tai ji says what if she brings a Punjabi, Bengali or someone else some other day. Rakesh rejects the idea. Bela speaks positively about Naina and Sameer. Anand somehow manages to explain once again. Sameer isn’t a bad guy. He is from a nice family. Rakesh, Tau ji and Tai ji say we have seen it yesterday. Why do you wish to make her life hell? Anand replies that naina’s happiness is of utmost importance to him. I have raised her like my own daughter. Tau ji is worried about the society but Anand continues speaking in Sameer and Naina’s favour. Bhabhi has always prayed for a SIL like Sameer. I cannot ignore your words but we elders should also understand what the youngsters want. I assure you that Sameer will keep Naina very happy. Tai ji and Tau ji are sure Sameer’s family wont agree. Their cars are parked in a bigger place than our home. Rakesh adds that if he should beg them to accept his daughter as their DIL. I will prefer to die but I wont beg them for anything. Anand shares that none of them will go to Sameer’s home. Tai ji asks him if Sameer’s family will come to their home to fix his alliance with Naina. Anand nods.

Sameer closes the window as the wind blows all the papers. Vishakha enters just then. She is about to step on them but stops just in time. I had a word with your Papa. What time do we have to go there? Sameer replies absentmindedly but then realises what she just asked. Are you joking? She denies. He hugs her. Thank you Mummy. I love you. She tells him that she has agreed to go to Naina’s home for his sake. Sameer is in disbelief. He ends up slapping himself playfully to make himself believe if it’s true or not. She denies. It is true. We have decided to give a chance to you guys. We are going there only for your sake. Hope we are not insulted there. She goes.
Tau ji asks Anand who told him that Sameer’s family will come over to their house. Did Naina say so? Anand denies. Sameer told me himself. Tai ji questions it. Tau ji reasons that they must be coming upon their son’s insistence. Tai ji speaks badly about Naina. Sameer is like a hero while Naina is so plain. Bela says Naina lacks nothing. Tai ji taunts her on that. Preeti too speaks positively about Naina. Anand suggests letting bygones be bygones. We should think about what is going to happen in evening. Tai ji tells him to stay in his dream world. They will never agree to let their son marry Naina. Rakesh says even if they agree, I wont. I would prefer drinking poison instead. Anand speaks of the good qualities of Sameer. He is coming over himself. Tau ji is stuck with the societal norms. Anand says it does not matter what society thinks or says. Our daughter’s happiness is what matters the most. Tau ji gives up on him. Do whatever you want to do! Anand requests him not to say so.
Vishakha wonders what they should take with them. Bobby replies that they don’t need to carry anything. Sameer is excited as to what he should wear. Vishakha tells him to wear anything. Everything suits you. He says I am going to my in-laws’ house for the first time. It should be special. He gets shy noticing everyone around. Munna and Pundit start singing Aaj Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. Mami tells them to stop the drama. There is no wedding! They are sure it will be fixed sooner. We will carry a colourful fruit basket very soon. Vishakha says it isn’t required. She covers up saying that they have made the preps already. Munna and Pundit decide to help the groom get ready. Poonam brings snacks for them. They ask for tea and head inside Sameer’s room. Mami ji stops Poonam from going after them. Mami ji says I thought I will bring a beautiful girl for my handsome Sameer but! Poonam completes he sentence – he fell for that Mehendi girl Kammo! Vishakha asks her what she means. Mama ji shares that Naina came to their house once in the disguise of a mehendi girl. Poonam speaks nicely about Naina but Mami ji disagrees. She is in no comparison to Sameer. Mama ji adds that Naina is way too smart. Be careful Didi. Bobby tells Mama ji that Vishakha is a simple person but he isn’t. After today, your nephew wont be able to realise / understand what actually happened.
Anand says let’s welcome them nicely. Tau ji tells him to do it himself. Anand requests them to meet them once. All 3 of you are the elders of the house. Meet them once and decide then. Tau ji agrees to meet them. We are not in agreement with this. Rakesh refuses to come in front of them at any cost. I wont let my daughter get married in that house. He walks out in a huff. Tai ji remarks that they will come in evening. They too leave. Bela is worried what will happen if Naina’s father wont be present in such a situation. Anand says considering his temperament and disagreement on the matter, it is better if he isn’t there in the evening.
Voiceover – Naina:
A rainbow is considered to be very beautiful but my rainbow was going to be incomplete that day as Papa wasn’t going to join us.
Precap: Naina and Sameer are getting ready for evening.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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