Guns N Roses Twist in Ishqbaazi | Ishqbaaz


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Shivaansh meets ACP Aditi and gives her a rose. She throws away the rose and gets questioning him about planning his fake kidnapping. She arrests him for fooling the police and defaming the police department in the media for being incapable to find him. She doesn’t care that Shivaansh is a superstar and acts more rude. Shivaansh gets impressed with her.
Aditi tells him that he should remember that she is carrying a gun. She shows off her attitude to him. He doesn’t get scared and tells her that he wants to get caged by her. He gets flirting with her. Aditi and Shivaansh come face to face because of the murder case. She wants to solve the murder mystery. She gets the place sealed. Shivaansh wants to help Aditi. Nandini tells Aditi that Shivaansh will be with her in solving every case, since he wants to learn her work. Shivaansh gets interested in learning cop’s duty.

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