Naagin Season 3 23rd December 2018 Written Episode Update


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Episode start with Bela tell why cuckoo🐦 speak when I am talking about cuckoo🐦. I think you shall remember everything soon. Sumitra intrupts them and take Mahir along. Bela stay postive about his memory.
Vish confront Vikrant for not helping Vish and Bela. You not helped when sumitra attacked us. Vikrant say its Ruhi’s fight, let her fight alone. Vish say you showed your colors..
Vikrant shout let me stay alone and Mahir must have left Ruhi/Bela by now.. Vish say he has forgot Bela but I know Bela love will make Mahir remember everything.
Vikrant get irritate and ask her to stop it..
Vish ask about his well being, and ask about his mom?
Vikrant shout that not mix all things: my mom, bela fight, that Mahir… Vikrant say I loved ♥Ruhi, but she loved♥

Mahir, I know she will never love♥ me, as Love♥ the person who love♥ you not the person whom you love♥.. Vish say exactly, you understand love♥ dept but don’t understand me.. Anyway, I shall help my Friend Bela.. Vikrant stop her after remembering threat given by Sumitra to him..

Sumitra take Mahir to store room and brainwash him showing family frames and telling death happening purposfully, she say 6 month have been passed.. Mahir say 6 month I was married to Bela.. Sumitra says you always got pained after marrying Bela.. Mahir ask why did I marry Bela, did I loved♥ her? Sumitra say no she was Yuvi….. Mahir ask about Yuvi, she act as let it be.. Mahir goes to find him, but Andy, kuhu, RJ try to stop, but he goes into Yuvi room…
Sumitra background Yamini hai zehrili..🎶🎶.(don’t know why)… And she smrikes😉😉😉
Sumitra says I kept Yuvi frame with Mala, and smiles😊😊 saying in mind go in shock…Mahir open door, and find bela.. Bela inform that yuvi is on the way.. Kuhu take Mahir.. Andy thanks bela…
Sumitra say I hate😠 you Bela, Bela say tell me new thing.. Sumitra say you are like bird without wings, you shall fall.. I tried to hurt Mahir, but Bela say I failed your plan… Sumitra say your Naag-Naagin🐍🐍friends will not help you. Bela say wait and watch, both will come.. She warn not to hurt Mahir… Sumitra say you are sweet but to fight with me you need to strong enough…
Naamkaran function start.. Pandit ji ask Mahir to complete rituals.. Mahir say let wait for Yuvi.. Bela call Vikrant to come, he say he is finding Vish.. Sumitra say Mahir you complete and name baby as Sia… Bela remembers Mahir and Bela thinking babies name as pinki and bunty… Bela and Mahir say name.. Mahir say pinki… Vish arrives just and say sorry… Yuvi come there too… Yuvi name baby as Ruhi.. And say I heard that name on radio.📻.
Yuvi drink🍺 badly and Bela confront Yuvi… Yuvi tell 6 month back story, how Vish bited him on wedding day… Bela stop him saying vikrant… Sumitra say stop calling yuvi as vikrant… He is Yuvi.. Bela ask her to stop her drama.. Sumitra belive me, as he is Naagin🐍 Rani mother, he is more poisious then me.. Bela is shocked😮😮 to hear.. They both say he never died, Bela brought Vish, now I called Yuvi…
Bela tell whole truth to Vish and both talk to Baba and ask him to find Vikrant… Vish say I hope Vikrant is safe and feel Vikrant presence and he is in waiter uniform. Sumitra call Vikrant and ask to kill prey.. Vikrant say no please but yuvi intrpt saying we are not asking your opinion but ordering you.. Vikrant ask him to stop, but Sumitra say he is too my son and never betrayed me like you.. Vikrant is surprised😮 and say you never told me this??Sumitra say your focus should be on prey not on us, and till you do your work don’t show me your face👦… Yuvi call vikrant waiter. (i think 🤔may be vikrant turn positive due to vish love♥)
RJ say pandit ji is gone now lets party… Mann ma emotion jaage re plays…..🎶🎶All are dancing… Bela strike with Vikrant but Yuvi take Bela and ask Mahir and Bela dance💃🏻🕺🏻.. .. Bela denies, Yuvi say ok we shall dance💃🏻🕺🏻 but bela goes… Vish call vikrant for soft drink, but yuvi take and ask him to go, he introduce Vish to people, but she excuse herself… Vish goes to Bela and both say to each other that something bad is going to happen be alert.
Family greet guests, and vikrant walk towards Baby Ruhi as well as Bela.. Baby Ruhi start crying😢badly, RJ come ask why my Ruhi is crying, vikrant hear this and Vikrant bite🐍 RJ, RJ give baby Ruhi to Bela and fall down, Bela shout RJ, all turn towards him. vikrant run out, people run behind him saying waiter must have done something. Kuhu shout RJ…
No Precap

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