Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Preeti tells Bela what all to cook as per her Jija Ji’s likings. Bela nods. Anand asks Bela to check out the curtains. She loves them. Naina is going to get married in such a big family. We cannot compare with it but we can make some preps for sure. Naina dint tell me anything. She only kept you in confidence. Preeti assures her she will tell her everything but Bela warns her against it. One love story has already created such a mess. We don’t want another. She turns and shouts in shock seeing Naina wearing a face mask. Swati warns Naina not to say anything or her mask will break. Swati seeks Bela’s permission to let Naina use her lipstick and nail paint. Bela is excited to make her wear heavy saree. Anand explains that there isn’t much boundation in a love marriage. You can be

who you are. Naina gets excited that she can wear her new salwar suit. They all tease her.

Munna and Pundit are helping Sameer get ready. Pundit puts a black mark behind Sameer’s ear to keep all the evil eyes away. Munna says it all seems so strange. He met Naina yesterday and things have changed so much! Sameer nods. Even I cannot feel it. They ask him what he will call Rakesh after wedding. Sameer replies that he will manage that but what he will call me. They all smile. They discuss what the scene at Agarwal House will be. Vishakha comes there. Sameer asks her how he is looking. She replies that he looks nice in everything. Bobby asks Vishakha to come. She tells Sameer to stay at home. Only elders go to discuss such matters. You have met them already. We are only going to finalise things. Sameer isn’t convinced but she does not give him any option. She leaves with Bobby.
Voiceover – Sameer:
Mummy and her husband decided in one go that Sameer wont go to Naina’s house!
Swati and Preeti discuss how Naina comes first in everything (school, college and now wedding). They find Naina lost in thoughts. They shout Sameer’s name. Naina stands up startled. I was thinking about Sameer. Preeti asks her about it. Naina says I am meeting them for the first time. Hope they wont later remark about my clothes. Swati teases that they should take her outside Sameer’s house and ask him about the dress. There is no magic. We cannot just click your photo and send it to him in a second. They play music and help Naina get ready. They tease her over a song. Landline rings. Preeti teases Naina that she got the signal from her husband now. Naina picks the call. I am relieved that you called me. Preeti and Swati have been teasing me since forever now. She excitedly tells him everything about her clothes, nail paint and lipstick. I have to do so much to impress your family. I am no heroine. He calls her his heroine. She advises him to wear something matching so their photo comes out nice. I will cough twice so you can come to washbasin. I will ask Preeti to click our photo quickly. Sameer shares that he isn’t coming. Only his mummy, her husband, Mama and Mami are coming.
Doorbell rings. Sameer asks Naina if his family has reached. Naina shares that it is Tau ji and Tai ji. Arjun greets them. Tai ji looks at the decor. So much new stuff has been put. How would we know? We are outsiders after all. Naina tells Sameer he should have come. You would have handled everything. How would I go outside in front of everyone? He assures her that she has already met his mummy. She is worried that they will recognize her to be Mehendi girl Kammo. He tells her that everyone knows it. They read the paper daily and know the truth. He is worried how Rakesh will react. She suggests him to be respectful towards his would-be FIL. He tells her to handle everything very patiently. I pacified mummy after lot of difficulty. Don’t let anything go wrong. She agrees. Papa wont be here though. He gets happy but calms down for her sake. She repeats her words. He suggests her to bring her father with her in dowry if she loves him so much. We don’t accept any other form of dowry. They begin to argue over the matter.
Doorbell rings. Tai ji is about to drop a showpiece startled but Bela holds it in time. Naina tells Sameer to wait and peeks outside. It is Rakesh. Everyone is surprised. Rakesh says I thought a lot and decided to be here. Everyone welcomes him warmly. Rakesh takes a seat. Sameer asks Naina if his family has reached. Naina tells him it is her Papa. He reminds her of what she had said. She says how a Papa would not be present for his daughter. They both are worried. Sameer asks her if she will manage everything. We got this chance after much difficulty. I want my family not to just meet to talk about our wedding but to finalise it too.
Anand welcomes Sameer’s family to everyone. Bela recalls meeting Mami ji at a shop once. Anand introduces both the families. Preeti tells Naina that Sameer’s family is here. Sameer tells Naina to go now. She apologizes to him. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. They say I love you to each other before ending the call. Naina asks Preeti to come but Preeti tells her to wait here. I will come to call you. Naina sits down tensed.
Voiceover – Naina:
My friends used to call me by so many names (Jhansi Ki Rani, etc, etc.) but I was so scared that day. I felt as if it wasn’t my family and Sameer’s family outside but as if Sikandar and Porus were waging a war outside!
Precap: Naina says they should talk about the main topic. Why mess around the main topic? She goes quiet seeing Vishakha at the door.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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