Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Mami ji is checking out the house. Anand talks warmly to Sameer’s family. Mama ji interrupts him and asks him about his job. All 3 brothers tell them of their profession. Mama ji asks them when they bought this flat. They discuss the future property and loan system. Anand offers everyone sherbets.
Preeti comes to her room. Naina ask sher if she should come. Preeti asks Swati if she can see what rush she is into. Swati says that will take time. There are other discussions going on outside. They tell her to wait. We will come.
Tai ji says Arjun wont be able to become cricketer now. He should first settle down. Rakesh says that is important. Bobby says this point is correct. Vishakha says Sameer is very stubborn. He asked for a bicycle once and we had to get it to him that

day itself. He drove it for 4 days and then let it sit idle. Anand looks upset but then gestures Bela to bring snacks. Anand’s efforts to talk about the main matter go in vain. Mama ji takes a bite of the samosa and recognizes the shop. Tai ji remarks that Bela and her girls aren’t fond of cooking. Mami ji taunts that that is the reason why Naina is too smart. Vishakha covers up saying she was talking about studies.

Voiceover – Naina:
I know everyone likes samosas very much but I haven’t eaten samosa from that day till today. I just hate samosa! It had become a bone in my and Chacha, Chachi’s throat that day after all!
Sameer and Naina are talking on phone. She tells him about the arrangements. We have added less chilli as you told that Mummy ji eats less spicy food. He teases her on the Mummy ji thing. You too should get used to calling my Papa, Papa ji. Sameer panics. I should call Safari Suit Papa ji? He covers it up knowing Naina might feel bad. They talk sweetly about their future. Sameer gives her instructions to behave in front of his family. Act like a simple, shy girl. Naina asks him if he thinks she is half mad to not know all this stuff. He replies that she is completely mad. Naina ends the call as Preeti comes.
Preeti tells Naina that they are just eating. Naina asks about tea. Preeti says that’s what we are waiting for. Naina covers her head with dupatta, picks a book (pretend tray) and walks towards Preeti. Preeti is having trouble holding back her smile. Naina says it wont look too good. She comes back again looking pointedly at Preeti. They will think me to be too smart. I will keep a little veil over my head.
Voiceover – Naina:
This test was way more difficult than any other test that I had given in life. After all, this exam had come after a long wait of 4 years, some months and 12 days!
Anand again tries to talk about Naina when Mama ji starts speaking about his business. Bela and Anand are disturbed. Anand asks Bela to rbing Naina’s trophies and certificates but Bobby suggests them against it. We know how intelligent she is.
Preeti and Swati come to the room with a sullen face. They assure Naina that they will start talking about the wedding soon. Naina says they should talk about the main topic. They have been talking in circles since so long. Why mess around the main topic? She goes quiet seeing Vishakha at the door. She greets Vishakha. Vishakha apologizes for coming unannounced. Where’s washroom? Preeti and Swati go with her to guide her. Naina thumps her head.
Sameer is pacing in his room. Munna and Pundit bring food but Sameer is worried if everything would be fine at Naina’s home or not. She has agreed to meet Naina after so much difficulty. Munna asks him why he is still in these clothes. Sameer replies that Preeti might call him if anything goes wrong. I will rush there. Pundit agrees but Munna tells him to be positive. They might call you directly for the wedding. Sameer is still tensed.
Bobby looks at the watch and gets up. They call it a nice meeting as they get up to go. Bela asks Vishakha to meet Naina. Vishakha says I have met her already. They excuse themselves. Rakesh taunts Anand to drop them till downstairs. Anand leaves.
Swati comes to the room and tells Naina that they have left already. Naina asks her if anything is wrong. Swati says Sameer’s mummy said she has met you. Naina looks out of her balcony. Anand keeps trying to strike a conversation even downstairs with Sameer’s family but they only talk about food. Preeti says did they only come here to eat. They dint say anything about wedding and just left! Anand looks on as Sameer’s family leaves in their car.
Anand comes upstairs. Everyone’s eyes are pinned on him. Tai ji, Rakesh and Tai ji are miffed as Sameer’s family dint say anything on the so called wedding. Tai ji says they answered us indirectly. Tau ji say they dint say anything yet insulted us. Don’t make us or our family look down in front of the society if you have even a little shame left. Naina and the girls come there. Tai ji makes Naina sit on the swing and asks her to eat snacks. We were talking about your wedding after all. Naina notices tears in Anand’s eyes. She asks him what happened. Rakesh shouts at her to be quiet. You got us insulted in front of those stupid people. I told you that Sameer is a loafer. He and his family are same. Tai ji asks Anand to tell his beloved Naina why Sameer’s family dint speak about the wedding at all. Tau ji adds that they were concerned about their traditions and society so they dint speak about the wedding. Tai ji adds that Arjun would have also given a bad impression to them. Why will someone marry their son to her? She has nothing! Bela interrupts her. She lacks nothing. She is one in a million. She tells Naina she does not lack anything. Tai ji taunts them on the drama created recently and how ordinary she is.
Tau ji says I know this was going to happen yet I came here for Anand’s sake. I wont listen to anything on this matter after today! Tai ji reminds Anand of his promise when he broke Naina and Sharad’s alliance. You said you wont marry her in a house where she isn’t respected. What happened now? Were you and Naina respected enough today? She leaves telling them to do as they please. Tau ji and Rakesh leave as well. Anand sits down hurt. His eyes brim up. Naina, Preeti and Swati feel bad seeing Anand and Bela in tears.
Precap: Doorbell rings in the middle of the night. Anand and Bela wonder who it could be. They open the door only to find Sameer standing there with his family. Naina and Preeti also come till the door. Sameer and Naina smile looking at each other.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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