Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Kartik saying I m so happy, I will love baby a lot, more than you love him. Naira says I would love to lose this competition. He says I bought the whole shop, these are a few things, this special thing is for you. She sees the baby toy. He says no fight in front of baby, only love, lets begin fresh, forget the fights. They smile. Akhilesh asks why is mum praying so much. Surekha says that lady Gita said something about Naira and baby, Dadi got scared and sat praying. Akhilesh says many times we don’t understand it before and then we find it right.
Manish says yes, we should understand her feelings. Naksh says I just feel that its not too big a reason that we lose this opportunity, we don’t change our decision Kirti, he isn’t part of our lives, your

friend Vaishali is also there. Kirti says whatever, I m not comfortable. Bhabhimaa says she may get upset, it won’t be good. Naksh says I m just clearing this to her, she may decision. Kirti says I have stated my decision, chapter over. She throws the file. Manish asks Dadi not to worry. Dadi says I don’t want to take any risk, I have added the sacred powder in this laddoos, so that the baby is a boy, I will do everything to assure that its a boy. Kartik asks what’s happening. She sees Kartik and Naira and worries. He sees the ghee over laddoos, and asks about it. She asks why do you care, do you want to have it.

Kartik says Naira has to eat this, she is getting vomit by the smell of ghee. Dadi says she has always loved ghee. He says now she doesn’t like it, I know this, she can’t have oily food. She says its not oil, but ghee. He says I got laddoo from that dietician. She says she won’t eat this. He says we will follow doctor’s advice. Dadi asks him to be quiet. Kartik and Dadi ask Naira to have the laddoos. Everyone smiles. Surekha says we shall ask doctor. Dadi says we don’t need to ask any doctor. Kartik says its my baby and I have right to decide. Naira refuses and runs. Surekha says you both fought and she has left. Dadi and Kartik say she has to eat laddoos. Vaishali says Aditya shouldn’t be reason for your decision, Aditya will do his work and we will do our work, Kirti, it will harm us if we keep negative feelings in our heart. Naksh says you are saying right, give Kirti some time. Vaishali says sure.
She says Naksh is very understanding. Aditya says I wish Kirti changes her decision. Naira says I want to have spicy food. Doctor says you don’t eat much spicy food, it will lead to acidity, you can have little bit of it. Naira sees Dadi making ghee dishes. Kartik gets healthy juice. Naira says yes, I m drinking it. She signs Lav. Lav shouts ants are biting me. Kartik checks him. Naira throws juice in vase and says it was good, can I have more. Kartik says no, one glass in a day, eat fruits. Naira and kids smile. Dadi gets food and asks Naira to have it. Naira says its smelling good. She eats some and signs kids. Kush says there is a lizard here. Dadi asks where. Naira dumps the food in vase. Dadi says you have finished it. Naira says it was yummy, give me some more. Dadi says its enough for now. Naira says yes, I will eat what I want now, but where, I don’t know. Naksh says Kirti will do business with that company, we know Aditya, so we decided this, we can’t back off, else we will show our fears, if we have faith in relations and ourselves, we shouldn’t be scared, Kirti will have to meet Vaishali, not Aditya. He says Kirti, you have to move ahead, get ready, lets go for the meeting. They go. Devyaani says I don’t think this is right Bhabhimaa.
Dadi says who feeds this to pregnant women, Kartik is strange. Kartik says Dadi should take good care of Naira, but she is feeding this to Naira. Dadi eats the dish and likes it. She says its delicious, I should eat this, not Naira. Kartik says wow, Dadi has magic in her hands, its fine for me, Kartik shouldn’t eat this in pregnancy. They collide and go. Naira smiles and says they are crazy, this competition is love for you. She goes and reads a book. Dadi says Manish, doctor called me with Naira, take Kartik to office, I don’t want to miss this chance. Naira smiles. Manish says Kartik, we have to go to office. Akhilesh says that project is over. Kartik says love you, now I can stay at home. Akhilesh says Kartik can work from home. Manish says if I m saying, there would be valid reason, come with me. Kartik says sorry, I will change and come. Dadi cries and apologizes to Lord. She calls doctor. She asks shall I get my bahu, it should be done today. He says bring cash to pay the feeds. She says I want to know if baby is a girl or boy. He says don’t worry, people come here with faith. Dadi says I will be there in half an hour.
A couple comes there and says this doctor and his team have got saved, they will be caught red-handed today. Dadi asks Naira to get ready, they have to go to doctor. Kartik asks what’s the need. Dadi says it will be good, doctor is experienced, what’s the harm in meeting once. He says wait for some time, I will also come. She asks what will you do there, don’t you trust me. He says I don’t want to miss anything. She says its the limit now. Naira says you can join us next time, go to office. He says fine, I m going. Naira goes to get ready. Dadi says sorry Kartik for hurting you, I m doing all this for you. Manish asks Kartik to focus on work. Kartik says sorry. Manish says you should trust family, go and have coffee, then come for work. Kartik goes. He gets a call. Driver says I m taking Dadi and Naira to doctor, I wasn’t getting papers. Kartik says its there in the car. He says sorry, I was taking them to Mahesh colony, checking happens there. Kartik says that place is strange, why is Dadi taking Naira there.
Naira thinks Dadi has come to strange place today. The man says its time to raid. Kartik reaches there.
Update Credit to: Amena

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