Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Sameer’s family reaches home. Sameer looks at them anxiously but everyone is talking about their own work. Sameer gestures Poonam to ask them. Poonam asks them if they spoke to Naina’s family. Mami ji nods. They are old fashioned. Bobby and Mama ji second her. Everyone is following different professions altogether. Mami ji tells Munna and Pundit to head to their homes. They say we were waiting to feed you sweets. Bobby asks them if India won world cup again. Vishakha sends them home. They leave.
Naina is irked. Nothing can happen easily in one go in my life except studies. Preeti remarks that that is out of question when it comes to her. Naina wonders why did they come here when they dint have to speak about the alliance. Everyone agreed to meet Sameer’s family after so much

difficulty. Chacha ji solely pacified everyone. Everything is over! Preeti says they dint even say no. Naina is in tears. Why don’t they like me? Sameer likes me. What do I lack? Preeti tells her not to fill her head with such ideas. Anand comes there. Naina goes to the balcony sadly. Preeti is about to go after her but Anand tells her he wants to speak to her alone.

Sameer asks his mummy if they spoke about his and Naina’s alliance or not. Vishakha nods. They fed us well and we all spoke about something or the other. Bobby says did we go there to talk about the wedding. They too dint initiate any such conversation. Sameer says why they would initiate the topic. You guys went there to do that. I dint expect anything from you but I had expectations from you (Vishakha). He turns to Mama ji telling him to explain to them. Vishakha warns him not to speak about marriage today or in the future. Naina isn’t the right girl for you. She isn’t fit for you or this house. At the right time, we will find the right girl for you and get you married to her. Do not discuss this topic ever again. Sameer asks Mama ji why he isn’t explaining to everyone. Mama ji says neither Naina nor that family is good for you. Sameer warns them not to say anything against Naina. Bobby asks him who he is. You are nothing. You should first become something in life and then think of all this. Stop this madness for god’s sake! Mami ji tells him not to worry. I will bring lot many girls from Mumbai for you at the right age! Forget about that Naina. I was so embarrassed even sitting at her house. It would have been something if it was some flat in Malabar Hills in Mumbai.
Naina apologizes to Anand as Sameer’s family insulted him. Anand tells her not to worry about it. No outsider can insult us. I am still with both of you but do you wish to marry and go to a house where you aren’t welcome. I know Sameer loves you but his family dint even take your name even once. They were completely quiet on that matter. He holds her hands. I have always held onto your hand but I want to give your hand to someone who will hold it tight and walk with you! Sameer will have to come here with his family if he still wishes to marry you. He will have to ask for your hand again. Naina offers to call him but Anand tells her against it. Only Sameer will call us. If there is no response or call from there end then (he nods at her). Naina is sure Sameer will fix everything. He will pacify his family. He wont leave my side. He promised me in front of you. Anand nods. It will be good if that happens. The matter will be taken forward only when he will make the first move now. He goes inside. Sad song plays in the background as Naina stands there sadly.
Sameer is also crying in his room. He looks at the wall in front of him.
Naina is also looking at her notebook and crying silently.
Sameer starts kickboxing angrily.
It is late night. Naina is sitting in the balcony holding the phone in her hand. Preeti asks her if she will spend the night here itself. Naina says
Preeti taunts her that he would have agreed. They would have shown him a nice girl’s photo and Jija ji would have also said yes. Naina ask sher if she has gone mad. Preeti suggests her to call him but Naina speaks of Anand’s wish. Preeti asks her if she will wait here her entire life. Naina agrees. Go and sleep. Preeti goes inside. Naina hears a car honk and gets up. It is Sameer. They both look at each other. Naina wakes Preeti. Come outside. Preeti asks her if she is afraid. Naina denies. Sameer is outside. Preeti asks her if he has put the ladder again. Are you guys planning on running away again? Naina asks her to come. They peek down but Sameer isn’t there. Doorbell rings. Naina and Preeti look at each other.
Naina wonders if it is Sameer.
Anand and Bela wonder who it could be. They open the door only to find Sameer standing there with his family. Naina and Preeti also come there. Sameer greets Anand and Bela. I think you guys had slept already. Can we come in? Bela has to shake Anand out of his thoughts. Anand invites everyone inside. Preeti is all smiles. Sameer and Naina smile looking at each other. Vishakha and Bobby notice it too. Bela asks Naina to go inside. Naina asks her if she should bring tea. Bela tells her to change. Is this how you will meet everyone? Naina smiles and goes inside. Anand sends Preeti to call Tau ji, Tai ji and Rakesh.
Sameer’s family sits down. Bela brings water.
Naina stands in front of the mirror holding the suit in her hand. She jumps with joy and dances with the suit. Thank you God. You don’t do everything in one go but you have an amazing way of making things work! Where is Preeti? She hugs the suit cutely.
Anand and Bela stand awkwardly. Vishakha apologizes for coming so late. Bobby says we had to come. Anand tells them it is their house only. They see Vishakha acting strange. Vishakha says Naina likes Sameer. Sameer adds that he also likes Naina very much. Vishakha says we have come here to discuss their alliance. Anand and Bela smile.
Precap: Naina offers tea to Sameer. He holds her hand under the cup. Preeti clicks Sameer and Naina’s photo. Naina asks Sameer how he did all this. He tells her to let it be but she is curious to know.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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