Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th December 2018 Episode Written Update


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Mamma comes to meet Ishaan in the hospital. Sandhya was there in the corridor. Radhika asks about Ishaan as Mauli told her about his injury? Ishaan leaves from the other side of corridor. Radhika asks Sandhya why she holds such bitterness in her heart for Mauli. Sandhya says Mauli isn’t the right choice for Ishaan. Radhika assures Mauli can take very good care of Ishaan, she must be given a chance. Sandhya clarifies she gave Mauli a chance but Mauli didn’t chose Ishaan. Radhika was clueless. Sandhya says Mauli chose Radhika and Dida against Ishaan, she left her hopeless because every girl has to leave her family after wedding. She demanded Mauli to cut off from them as they are Kunal’s family and he frequently visits them. How can she marry her son with a girl who is still in

strong ties with her ex-husband’s family?
Mauli was inspecting a patient when she gets a message from Ishaan with a Heart. She thinks about Sandhya’s curt words in the ward and keeps the phone aside.
At home, Mamma tells Dida about her conversation with Sandhya. Radhika was furious and wonders how Sandhya can even place such a condition. What’s Mishti’s mistake in all the matter. Dida was upset and was sure Mauli will never accept any such condition by anyone. Radhika was worried that Mauli won’t do anything, but they also love Mauli. How can they let Mauli accept such false conditions? Dida was hopeless that talking to Mauli won’t be any use. Instead, this will hurt her even more.
It was night when Mahek and Pari return home from the party. Pari tells Kunal about all the fun they had and says he missed the party. She shows Kunal all the gifts. Kunal says this shows Pari enjoyed a lot without him, she didn’t even hug him. Pari hugs Kunal. Kunal asks her about all the party’s stories. Pari cheerfully tells him about Santa Clause, and the best thing Santa did was making her and Mishti hug. Kunal shows shock over the news. Pari says she will get another gift, she made a wish and Santa will surely fulfil her wish for her. Kunal tells her not to mind if he forgets, Santa has grown old as well. Pari was sure that Santa can’t forget any child. Kunal now sends Pari to change. Later he tells Mahek about Pari and Mishti’s demand. He says Mishti is emotional stressed in fear of losing Ishaan, she is much attached to Ishaan for years now. He has decided to make Mauli and Ishaan’s marriage possible.
The next morning, Mauli was irritated on breakfast table. Ishaan comes there. Mauli was annoyed and turns to leave the table. Ishaan holds her back and says his mother has a problem with their marriage. But if she stands beside him, they can convince his mother as well. Mauli angrily tells Ishaan she doesn’t want to marry Ishaan at all, the problem is with him and he needs to change. Ishaan was sure that his mother said something that became the basis of this denial. He asks Dida to tell him the reason if she knows. Mauli insists there is no reason, he shouldn’t complicate the situation anymore. Ishaan wasn’t ready to listen and asks Mamma to advocate him. Mauli feels apologetic to Ishaan, she tells Ishaan that Kunal has already greatly ruined her life; now she doesn’t want Ishaan to do this all too. Though he loves her and is important for Mishti as well but what about her wish? Mauli leaves the house, Ishaan also walks out. Mamma was now hopeless for their marriage.
Kunal restlessly walked around the hall wondering how to bring Mauli and Ishaan close. Mahek makes him sit and asks the matter. Kunal says they must first make Mauli hate him. Mahek says Mauli already hates Kunal but Kunal tells Mahek she doesn’t hate him as much as she should. He thinks about an idea for some time, then smiles towards Mahek saying she should help him.

PRECAP: Mauli tells Mamma and Dida that she doesn’t want to marry Ishaan. Mamma asks if Mauli thinks Ishaan will leave her so easily. Mauli opens the door of her apartment to walk on flower bed for reaching her car. Ishaan waves at her from the parking.
Update Credit to: Sona

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