Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Dadi saying I m not saying this for myself, but for everyone, a baby boy will help ancestors get salvation. Naira cries and goes out. She removes Santa costume. Kartik thinks where did Santa go. Dadi cries. Naira thinks of Dadi’s words. Kartik asks where did Santa go, Dadi… Kirti takes Kartik with her. The man says Mata ji took much time to send you for tests, you will know whether the coming child is a son or daughter. Naira cries. The man rushes to set everything and asks her to wait. Naira recalls Dadi’s words. She gets in the ambulance and drives off. The man asks her to stop. Kartik says Santa will come, I will go and call Naira, its time for her lunch. Servant gets Santa. Kids ask how did new Santa come. Kartik asks Santa how did he come now, when

his relative was ill. Santa says no, a lean lady has sent me away, I got scolded by my boss too. Kartik says Naira…. and recalls.

Naira says its against law and humanity, punish them. The man says no, people approach us for tests. Inspector asks why do you do this if its wrong. Naira says people who don’t want a girl get this test done, they abort the girl in womb. Inspector sends the men to lockup. She thanks Naira for helping police. She asks how did they reach you by taking mobile van, is there anyone in your family, tell me. Naira cries and thinks how will will Dadi do wrong, how will will we save her, one day…. Kartik says Naira isn’t here. Surekha sends kids and guests for lunch. Manish asks Kartik to ask staff. Devyaani says she would be hiding. Kartik says I will scold her, she was eating cakes so much. Dadi thinks how shall I tell him about Naira.
Naira comes with police. They ask her what happened. Inspector says she has helped us expose a big racket, we are thankful to her, she fell sick, I came here to drop her. Kartik asks are you fine, I warned you against eating junk food. Inspector thanks Naira and asks her to take care. Kartik says you came as Santa, had food and then did a brave thing. Devyaani asks what did you do, tell us. Naira sees Dadi and cries. Naira says I can’t stay in this house now. He asks what’s this new joke. She says I m serious. He asks why, we will celebrate again in new years party. She says its because of Dadi. Kartik asks what happened. Naira asks him to ask Dadi. Dadi says I wanted a baby boy, so I was trying to know if the child is a boy or girl. Kartik says no, what did you do to find out, tell me. Manish says she was just wanting to have a baby boy, I also want the same. He asks Naira why is she making it a big issue, how can a wish be wrong. Naira says instead of accepting the happening, interfering in it is a problem.
Surekha cries and says sorry, Dadi did the same with me, she did many puja to get a grandson, I had spent nine months in tension, I had a daughter, I cried throughout my pregnancy, it became a punishment for me. Manish asks her to stop it, Dadi didn’t hurt her, everyone does puja for peace of mind, Dadi didn’t do wrong. Kartik says she did wrong to pressurize a pregnant woman. Manish says I believe there is nothing wrong, a daughter will be given same love and rights, we will be more glad if we get a son. Kartik says you have given me a big shock. Kirti says you mean Mansi and I didn’t get deserved love and place. Kartik asks what did Lav, Kush and I do that Kirti and Mansi can’t do. Manish says keeping wish to get a son is right. Naira says there’s nothing wrong in getting a boy, but its wrong to get home a s*x determination van and getting tests done without my knowledge. Everyone gets shocked. Manish looks at Dadi. Naira tells everything.
Manish asks is this true. Dadi cries. Kartik recalls Dadi’s words. Naira says what if something had happened to me or baby due to this test or stress. She cries and goes. Kartik says I don’t have anything left to tell Dadi. Bhabhimaa says we will not forgive you if we want, now we are leaving decision on them. Devyaani says it won’t be good if anything happens to Naira and baby. They leave. Manish asks what did you do. Dadi says I wanted to get tests done for my satisfaction, could I let anything happen to Naira and her baby. He asks how will you prove this. She cries. Kartik hugs Naira. She says I was very scared, why did Dadi do this, people say children are form of Lord, but people still discriminate between boy and girl, children are surprises, we are expecting a baby in this condition, shouldn’t we stay happy, I m very hurt today.
Kartik says I want your sign, its mutual agreement for baby’s safety, you won’t have any right on our baby. Dadi gets shocked. Naira looks on.
Update Credit to: Amena

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