Ishq Subhan Allah 4th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Scene 1
Ruksaar is about to slap Zara. Zeenat recalls how she told Ruksaar that if she wants to know why Zara slapped her then she has to slap her. Kabir stops Ruksaar and says if you do this again then my relation with you will end, I will not take for shopping. Zara says come and slap me, if I told you why I slapped you then you wouldnt understand and if you stopped this then I will gift you. Ruksaar says I want gift, sorry, you are nice then why were you bad in my memories? Zara says people are not bad, situation is bad, when you remember everything then you will know answers, she hugs her.
At night, Ruksaar asks for gifts. Kabir asks her to go to Zara’s room, she goes.
Zeenat stops Ruksaar but she doesnt listen to her and leaves. Zeenat glares at Zara and leaves.

Kabir says to Zara that you did a mistake by taking Ruksaar to outhouse, when she remembers more things then what will you do? this fire can break our relation. Zara thinks that I have to deal with Ruksaar with care, she cant become reason for breaking my relation.

Ruksaar says to Zara that I like to dance, Kabir will not know but there is no music. Zara says we will talk about later. Ruksaar lies down but cant forget wedding dance.
At night, Ruksaar leaves Zara’s room and comes to Zeenat’s room. She hides something. Zeenat wakes up and asks what are you hiding? she sees speakers in her hand. Zeenat says you were stealing this? Ruksaar says I want to dance like a bride. Zeenat thinks that see what I do now. She takes Ruksaar from there.
She brings Ruksaar to store room and shows her bridal dress.
Ruksaar is dancing in her bridal dress in lounge. All come there and are stunned. Kabir stops music and throws it angrily. All are scared. Ayesha asks what is all this? Ruksaar says I wanted to be a bride, Zara told me that Kabir is my husband but I dont remember it so I want my nikah to happen again, Zara will be witness, I will wear nice clothes. Zara looks on and recalls Ayesha’s words that what she will do if Ruksaar’s memories come back? Zara says nikah cant happen again. Ruksaar sys to Zeenat that you said my nikah will happen again? Zeenat says I just wanted to avoid her so I said that. Zara says tell her that nikah cant happen again. Ayesha asks Zeenat to say it. Zeenat says nikah cant happen again. Ruksaar turns to leave but Kabir stops her and says dance will not happen in this house, if you think about dancing again then think about broken legs. Zeenat takes Ruksaar from there.
Scene 2
Zeenat brings tea to Shahbaz and says you are worried? Shahbaz says I have business troubles. Zeenat says invite everyone to our wedding anniversary.
Zara and Ruksaar are doing grocery shopping. Ruksaar says we can ask for money from Kabir. Zara says no and thinks how to bring Kabir to work.
Kabir says to Sahbaz that why celebrate anniversary? Shahbaz says its an invite for guests. Ayesha says it will make house environment nice. Shahbaz thinks that I need Asif’s help.
PRECAP- Asif’s mother gifts 15lacs cheque to Shahbaz and Ayesha. KAbir says thanks but puts it away. She says you cant earn a penny and doing this?
Update Credit to: Atiba

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