Kasautii Zindagii Kay 4th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Komolika asking Prerna if she is doing a drama of getting justice for Shivani, are you doing this to satisfy your ego. Prerna asks are you done now, you know what your brother has done and still you have such mentality. Shivani lies in Veena’s lap and cries. She apologizes. Veena asks her to forget it now, she has done all this for the sake of love. Shivani says I did a big mistake. Veena says you did a mistake, you were committing suicide, that was the biggest mistake, promise me, you will tell me everything from now. She says I have a right to know about my children. She feeds Shivani and pacifies her. She says this relation wasn’t made, what does this mean, you don’t have any other relation, why should not I get angry on you, if you hide anything again, I will

not forgive you. Shivani signs no and cries. She apologizes. Komolika says yo got frustrated and thought to spoil my brother’s life, I won’t let you go away. She insults Prerna and Shivani. She says if the guy rejects you, you will also play the sympathy card like your sister did. Prerna asks what do you know about Shivani, what did your brother do.

Komolika says he has impregnated her, how did she not stop Ronit, was she enjoying the affair. Prerna says she was in love with him. Komolika says how dare you speak against him. Veena and Shivani hear Komolika shouting. Komolika and Prerna argue a lot. Komolika promises to ruin Shivani’s life. Prerna says you have to face me first. Veena comes and asks what’s happening. Everyone comes there and asks who is she. Komolika says what will you handle, when you couldn’t handle your sister. She asks Rajesh to give freedom to his girls as much as he can limit them. She asks is he not ashamed to see Shivani’s act, she has trapped a guy and kept him in relation to use him, when the guy rejected her, she tried to commit suicide.
Prerna asks her to just stop it. Veena tries to explain Komolika. Komolika stares at her and says mastermind, tell me something, mothers teach up children, I think you have given this upbringing to them, I think you asked them to target the rich guys. Prerna asks how can you talk to my mum like this, I have never come across such a girl. Komolika asks where is that girl, who is the root of all problems. Rajesh says you can’t say wrong. Komolika says Shivani is responsible for all this, where is she, I have to meet her. Suman stops Shekhar from involving in matter. Prerna says we can’t break down in front of her, we have to be strong. She runs after Komolika to stop her. Komolika goes to Shivani and says I will not spare you for what you did with my brother, you will regret, you are not made for her, you have no status, you can’t become even my house maid. Shivani cries. Komolika gets scaring her. Prerna comes there and asks Komolika to get out before she insults her and throws her out. Komolika says I will see you both in the court. She leaves. Shivani says I m very scared. Prerna says I m there for you, don’t worry, be strong, i will not leave her. She leaves.
Anurag says Mishka, I think its a misunderstanding, we have nothing such between us, I will go and check if Nivedita got the file. He goes. She calls him to stop. She says I will feel guilty if I don’t say it, I feel you have changed, I m the reason for this. He says no, its not you. She asks what’s the problem. He says I have an urgent meeting, I hope you understand. He goes. She thinks you didn’t tell me where is your focus. Shekhar asks Veena to take medicines. Rajesh asks Komolika to give respect to get respect. Komolika says I m not your daughter, save this advice for your daughters. She tells Veena that she will come later and meet her to learn the charming act from her, like she has taught her daughters to trap rich innocent guys.
Veena cries. Komolika goes out. Prerna calls her out. She says you have made my mum cry, and hurt my dad, I will never forget this, your brother will accept the charge and undergo punishment now, no one can hurt my family until I m here, I can protect my family and have courage to destroy the enemy. Komolika says I don’t care for this, its me this time, you have challenged me, and yes, you guys can try your best but your bad time starts, because of this girl, you wanted to save your family, your family will be destroyed. She leaves. Prerna looks on.
Komolika assures Chobey that she will get Ronit out of the jail. Prerna says I used to think you are boring and not my type, I feel you are someone with whom I want to spend my entire life. Mishka asks what are you talking to Anurag’s pic.
Update Credit to: Amena

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