Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira visiting the hospital. He stops her from eating chocolates. She gets glad seeing the chaat dish. She asks the reason for pampering her more today. She asks him to drive well and focus on the road. He stops at the signal. A car comes in front. He applies the brakes. She gets tensed recalling the bad vision she had before. She wonders why is she getting such bad thoughts. Dadi calls Bhabhimaa. They both talk about the coming grandchildren. Dadi says I was seeing the calendar, and was thinking when will the babies comes. Bhabhimaa says even I m thinking about the same. Kartik drops Kirti at the workplace and asks her to finish the work soon. Kirti asks him to leave. Kartik tries to start the car. Kirti goes to attend the call. Naira asks Kartik not

to go, they will manage everything later. He says I will be back soon, don’t miss me. He leaves. Naira gets thinking and goes.

Dadi and Bhabhimaa stay busy talking. Dadi asks can’t we do the baby shower soon. Bhabhimaa says we were not so excited in our times. Naira stays with Kirti. Aditya is also around. Naira turns and misses to see him. Naira sees the white curtains and recalls the bad vision again. She gets stressed. Kirti asks her to come with her. They see a speeding car. Naira gets tensed about the vision and turns away. The car hits….. After four months, Naira gets the same nightmare again and is about to see the dead person. Kartik wakes up and asks her not to recall that bad dream. He says you are getting the same dream since four months, almost every day, I m thankful that nothing happened to you and Kirti that day, the good thing about bad dreams is that its just dreams, it disappears when we open our eyes. He pacifies her and asks her to get ready, its a special day for them and there is a lot of work. She nods.
Surekha asks everyone not to be upset, they can;t go to Singhania house with upset faces. Manish says after that accident, how can they stay happy. Dadi says we did many pujas, but did not get that happiness on Naira’s face again. Surekha asks kids to have food. Dadi thinks why did they leave a day before for the arrangements when everything was already done, maybe they are hiding something from me. Kartik and Naira go for the exam. Kartik asks her to write the exam fast and come back, remember Dadi’s promise, don’t stress about the studies. He feeds her curd. Main aarti….plays….. She says I won’t cheat. He asks her to see what’s the chit. She reads encouraging wishes for her. He kisses her and says I wish you get all my age and education. She smiles. He says come, you have to win this battle and come.
At Singhania house, Dadi hugs Bhabhimaa and congratulates. The man says paper will start late today. Naira worries and asks what do you mean. The man says questions paper haven’t come yet, it can take an hour time. Kartik asks her not to worry, go for the exam. Naira says Dadi has already said that no problem should come in rituals because of my exams. She slips. Kartik calls her out. Everyone sees her and starts laughing. Dadi says that day was so unfortunate. FB shows Kirti’s shoe getting stuck. Naira sees the speeding car. Even Kartik comes there and shouts Naira. The dye color falls over the curtains. Naira and Kirti stay unharmed. Naira sees the color on the curtains. FB ends. Dadi says I hope everything is fine, its some good deeds that Kirti and Naira got saved that day, where are Kartik and Naira, did they go out. Bhabhimaa says they will come. Devyaani lies that they went to temple. Kartik gets the shrug. Naira says its not needed, don’t know why I was hiding my baby bump. She scolds the people for making fun of her. She says pregnancy isn’t an illness, you should appreciate someone’s courage. She takes their class.
Kartik takes selfies with girls. Naira gets jealous. She gets doubting when he doesn’t compliment her well.
Update Credit to: Amena

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