Kasautii Zindagii Kay 7th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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The Episode starts with Nivedita working on some file. Anurag comes and helps her. She thanks him. She says I was scared that you are with Prerna, I m glad this won’t happen, do you think I m speaking senseless things, sit here, I need to talk, just look at yourself, you had stopped thinking about yourself, all because of Prerna, she had controlled your mind. He says you know why I was worried, Navin… She says I know, I couldn’t see it, that my brother is getting hurt, I have no other brother, I get jealous sometimes, that’s between us, siblings, you are dear to us, I know you were doing right, you have responsibilities towards us, its fine if you get happiness, but if anything happens to us, it matters to us, you are a good soul, middle class girls like Prerna try to trap rich

guys like you. He thinks of Prerna. She says I understood everything , I know such girls, how to take advantage of these closeness, hope you are understanding this. He recalls Prerna and thinks she is opposite of all this, I have noticed everything.

Nivedita gets a call and goes. Anurag thinks I have noticed her closely. He thinks of her. Pal ek pal….plays…… He imagines Prerna and smiles. They have a moment. Mishka asks is everything okay, what happened. He says nothing, I m getting late for office. Prerna recalls Komolika’s words. She says she has come to my house and humiliated my family, I m ready to fight with anyone, that girl is weird, she had madness, her eyes were such that she is hiding many secrets, I will not leave her. She calms down and says Anurag, I wish you were with me today, I m feeling lonely. She imagines Anurag and smiles. Pal ek pal….plays… She looks around and says where did you vanish, I just felt his presence. She runs to look for him and calls out Anurag. Veena asks what happened, do you want something. Prerna goes.
Anurag is on the way and thinks of Prerna, hearing the song on radio. Nivedita calls him and says you forgot the file at home. He says I have got some other file, I will ask someone else to get it. Prerna says I have gone mad, I m daydreaming about Anurag, when I know that nothing will happen between us. Anurag makes a video call to her and says finally, you answered the call, I have reached office. She says so its you. He says yes, I have realized that I m missing some papers, can you go home and collect the file, get it to office, I will meet you at office. She agrees and says I will have to work with him, but I have to maintain distance from him, I didn’t know that I will feel this for him, Anurag is so punctual, I have to run there fast. Komolika thinks of Prerna.
Mohini and Nivedita see Prerna coming home. Prerna says I have come to get some papers for Anurag. Nivedita says you work for Moloy, not Anurag. Prerna says but Anurag needs me. Nivedita asks Mohini why is she permitting Prerna to enter Anurag’s room. Prerna asks why, I have come here before, you can call up Anurag and tell him why the file didn’t reach him. Send file by servant, if he calls me, I will tell him that I work for his dad, not him. Mohini says I don’t like your way of talking. Prerna says sorry. Mohini asks her to go and get file. Prerna goes. Nivedita asks why did you allow Prerna. Mohini says even servants come home, I will not let her forget that Rajesh is our servant. She goes.
Chobey says I hope that girl takes report back. Komolika says it will be done. He asks tell me will Ronit come back. She says trust me, I will get Ronit out of jail. He says I trust you, just do it fast, everything has happened for the good, he will learn a lesson now, he has gone to prison. She says calm down, we can’t bring Ronit out our way until elections get over, I will personally handle this case, I have found a reason too, I don’t like leaving a challenge incomplete, I don’t like to lose. He says I m sorry, you have to handle such people because of me. She says trust me, I tried to explain that girl not to mess with me, now the time is over. He asks who is that girl. She says she is shameless sister of that shameless girl.
Prerna talks to Anurag’s pic and says I feel incomplete without you. Mishka asks why are you talking to Anurag’s pic.
Update Credit to: Amena

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