Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th January 2019 Episode Written Update


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Mami ji gets upset over Sameer’s outburst. Vishakha asks Sameer if this is a way to talk to elders. He retorts that this is also no way to talk to youngsters. She complains that Naina hasn’t come in the house yet but has already started creating a rift between the families. He says it isn’t her fault. I chose that green saree for her. You taunted her so much over the price of the saree, etc but she dint say a thing. She stops him. You always keep shouting at us. Have you realised how her family behaves with us? You are so sugar coated in front of them but you shout at us every second for every little thing! We will retort in some way or other. It is enough. If you have so many problems then go ahead and marry your Naina without us!
Vishakha calls Naina right in front of him.

Are you really just 20 years old? Naina is confused. Vishakha says your mind works faster than your age. You complained to Sameer about what happened yesterday. You knew how he would react yet you dint keep quiet. Naina tries to say something but Vishakha does not let her. We will do things the way we please. You can complain to Sameer as much as you want! She ends the call and goes inside. Naina is upset as to why Sameer said everything to his mom. Sameer calls Naina. She is unhappy with him for being stubborn again. You should have thought of the consequences atleast! This is why I dint want to say anything to you. What must be aunty ji thinking? She must be thinking that I have not even stepped my foot in the house yet but I am already creating so many problems in the house. He says you are upset with me when I am trying to take your side. You even gave me wrong ring size. She tells him that she gave him the perfect ring size in Red Rose. You can confirm with Munna and Pundit. They argue and end the call. Sameer says people are right. Women don’t have brains. Why don’t they just accept it that they are wrong? They just don’t want to understand! She disconnects the phone. He calls her back. How could you cut my phone? She asks him if she should cut the phone again and show him. He reminds her that she is arguing with him. She plays a song and they both calm down. Naina says our engagement got fixed after so much difficulty. What are you wearing tomorrow? He tells his dress. She suggests him to wear suit in the morning function. I am wearing the saree chosen by you right? You should also wear suit in the morning. Sameer recalls what his mother had said. She speaks of her dream. He tries to dissuade her but she is too dreamy about the photos. I will also ask Preeti to click some more photos. They end the call.

Poonam brings water. Mama ji serves everyone. Vishakha is pacing unhappily. Mami ji tells her not to worry. Such girls are there in eveyr house. Vishakha says it doe snot mean that she will tell just about anything to Sameer. Bobby tells her to get ready. You are going to be in pain your entire life. They discuss about the morning engagement function worriedly. Mama ji asks Vishakha to check with Sameer. Make him ask that girl about the kind of arrangement done by Agarwals. Mami ji tells him against it.
Sameer tells Vishakha that he has understood what she had said. I think you are right. Mama ji gets up thinking that he has changed his plan about the engagement but Sameer says where will the engagement happen if you do so. Sameer tells his mother that he will wear suit in the morning. Photos will be clicked in the morning. Bobby taunts him. Mami ji asks him how he had a change of heart suddenly. Vishakha says it must be Naina’s idea. Go without me if you want to wear it in the morning! Mami ji asks Sameer if the morning function will be worth wearing a suit to. Mama ji seconds her.
Voiceover – Sameer:
I realised the real meaning of sandwich that day. I was trying to balance both the families just like a tikki does!
Anand tells the menu excitedly. Tai ji reminds him it isn’t wedding. Their hopes will pile up for the wedding if you will have such a lavish menu in the engagement. He tells her not to worry. I will do my Naina’s engagement grandly. I don’t care what anyone will say. Tai ji makes faces. Landline rings. Anand asks Naina to check who is calling. It is Sameer. She goes inside to talk to him. We just spoke. He says I was missing you so I called again. Pundit hits himself on his head. Why is he talking in circles? Sameer and Naina discuss the preps. Pundit asks him to ask Naina about their menu. Our lists should not be same. Naina repeats the list for him. Sameer drops the phone in shock hearing the menu. He thinks of Mama ji and Mami ji’s words. Naina’s voice pulls him out of his reverie. Sameer tells it to Pundit. Pundit suggests keeping some juice. Mummy and I like it very much. She agrees to tell Chacha ji. Are you wearing suit in the morning? He is in a fix but says yes. She says I love you to him. Preeti coughs. Sameer says I love you too to her.
Anand and Arjun are busy in the preps. Rakesh is shouting at people as usual. Anand tries to calm him but in vain. Rakesh keeps complaining.
Voiceover – Naina:
It is said that time changes. It is true. Time changed and so did our India. Papa would have never thought that one day letters will turn into Emails and trains will further be modified into Metros.
Naina’s sisters and friends are helping Naina get ready.
Voiceover – Naina:
That day I kept touching myself to confirm the reality while trying to touch my Bindi again and again. Whenever I think of that day today, it feels no less than a dream!
Bela comes looking for something when she stops in her tracks emotionally. She thinks of her past happy moments with Naina and smile.
Precap: Sameer looks at Naina as she makes an entry with her friends and sisters.
Update Credit to: Pooja

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